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Huge Size Standard Starship Cargo Container Skycrane

The HSSSCC Skycrane is a very basic anti-gravity vehicle with the same dimensions as a Huge size Standard Starship Cargo Containers.

About the HSSSCC Skycrane

The HSSSCC Skycrane was designed in YE 39 by Heram J. Wazu.

Key Features

The HSSSCC Skycrane is a relatively small vehicle, with very minimal capabilities. No life support, basic controls, and one main party trick: Being a lightweight craft that can haul heavy cargo containers and fits in the same space as a huge size cargo container which makes it easy to transport.


The HSSSCC Skycrane was put together in YE 39 as part of the growing number of Huge Cargo Container sized components being assembled by Heram J. Wazu. The HSSSCC Skycrane was the first cargo container size vehicle put together as part of this project. It was originally designed to be a basic planetary transport that could be used to help unload its parent ship.


The HSSSCC is a a large rectangle the exact size of a Huge SSCC. The metal frame can support the same amount of weight as a cargo container, allowing it to be stacked and moved just like a normal container. Inside of this frame on the front is a transparent cockpit with a bulky metal frame around it that can hold four people. In the back is a small engineering area with the power generators left exposed for work. The bottom tapers up towards the top in the center, leaving enough space for the crane. Various small sensors are located all around the vehicle, and four anti-gravity generators are on either side of the front and back, located towards the top of the vehicle.

When stacked together with other huge size cargo containers, the skycrane fits inside the space a cargo container would normally take.

When moving cargo, the crane can be extended for lifting and moving operations.

Statistical Information

Organization: Uso's Star Organization, Freespacers
Type: Planetary Transport
Designer: Heram J. Wazu
Manufacturer: Heram J. Wazu

Crew: 1
Maximum Capacity: 4

Width: 5m
Height: 4m


Air speed: 220km/hr

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: Tier 5, Medium Armor


The HSSSCCSC has a basic interior cabin that is not airtight. It has seats for 4, basic flight controls, and transparent durandium windows all around to allow for a mostly unobstructed view of the outside. Though the crane and movement can be controlled independently, this is not necessary. There is also an open-air area in the rear of the craft where work on the generators can be carried out.



A cluster of datapads under the pilot's seat provides the computing power needed to run the craft.


A robotic grabber hand can be lowered from the center of the craft on a supporting set of cables. This grabber arm can mechanically grip objects, or use its inbuilt force field generators to 'stick' to an object by grabbing it with the shield geometry.


Power is provided by four U-G3801 Hyperspace Tap Generator located at the rear of the craft in a rack.


The HSSSCCSC uses four anti-gravity generators for levitation. These can produce enough force to lift a considerable amount of weight, but they require a planet or other object to push off of. Because of this the vehicle is only really suitable for work on planets with sufficent gravity.


6 Wz-G3802 Small Optical Sensor sensors are located around the vehicle and provide a decent view around the vehicle. Due to the form factor, there are a few places where the view is obstructed by support elements of the craft and there is a blind spot directly above the machine. Despite this, it is still easy enough to remotely pilot the machine using only these cameras. With two in front, two in back, and two on the underside near the crane the craft can continue work even with up to half of its sensors obstructed.

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