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Scale Datapad

The Scale datapad was designed in YE 39 as the basis for a scalable computer cluster by Heram J. Wazu. The design is open source, and has been made available on the Polysentience and InterNEP.

About the Scale

As the Scale was designed to be the basis for a larger computer system, it does not have many of the user interface features other pads have. Instead it opts for powerful hardware and easily scalable processing. The only interfaces are wireless connectivity and a physical connection port on either side that allow the pad to be placed together in a cluster. Pads also contain their own small batteries, allowing them to run independently for weeks.

The standard configuration for the Scale, is to connect together the needed amount of pads to get the amount of processing or memory storage required, then connect the cluster to a power source.

Length 5 inches
Height 8 inches
Width 1.25 inches

Scale Types

The small form factor of a Datapad prevents a large amount of equipment being added to the pad, so multiple pad types were created to allow for customization of the final computer cluster. Each pad is capable of working together, so that quantum and regular type pads can both be used optimally inside of one system.


The conventional pad has a classical processor inside, capable of handling deterministic calculations. It also includes storage space, a battery, wireless, and wired communication.


It is recognized that Quantum computer does have its place alongside traditional architectures, and the only difference between this pad and the conventional type is the inclusion of a quantum processor over a conventional type.

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