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Engine Container YE 38

Designed in YE 38, the Engine Container is quite simply a basic engine and some support equipment housed inside of a huge size Standard Starship Cargo Containers


General Characteristics
Type Engine Assembly Container
Size Huge SSC
Lifespan 15 Years
Power Source Hyperspace Taps
SP 2
Hull Armor Durandium Alloy
EW Hardening Hardened against EMP and Scalar attacks
Thermal Rocket 1
Gimbling 10 degrees in any direction
Speed Average:Very Advanced Technology

The Engine Container was originally designed as a tug for a larger parent ship that would act as a maneuvering unit when attached to the mother ship and as a tug when detached. The original intention was for easy switching of parts between damaged ships, but as the design progressed much of the 'tug' aspects of the unit were dropped or streamlined until the maneuvering unit became a big dumb engine in a box.

The engine itself is designed for reliability and sustained use. The nozzle itself is made of a single thick piece of Durandium Alloy as is much of the tubing and injectors that feed the reaction mass into the reactor and then the super heated reaction mass into the nozzle. Though this isn't efficient, it does mean that it takes quite a while for the engine itself to break down from extended use.

The underside and the rear of the container both have hookups for power, Data, coolant, and additional reaction mass. The container itself can store about 12 hours worth of reaction mass on its own which is usually more than enough for any long-term operations. Just about any liquid can be fed into the container to use as reaction mass, and for long term use hot coolant can be cycled out of the device and replaced with fresh coolant.

Though physical connections can be made to transfer data, the device can also be controlled wirelessly. Blocks of consumer grade datapads provide the processing and control powers for the container.

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