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Xenedine Corporation

Xenedine Corporation is a company created by James Dine and an engineer, Kobayakawa Kanaye. The company specializes in personal space transport craft based on the Hoplite V1 variable-configuration starfighter, as well as a starfighter based on the same model.


James Dine, a somewhat wealthy Nepleslian businessman who'd made his money off airbike designs for various racing companies, had expressed interest in becoming involved in the personal transportation market around YE 27. He'd seen the various models produced by NovaCorp and Zen Armaments and was unimpressed, especially considering the rising need for more protection in the face of pirates.

The best transports he'd seen were military ones โ€“ whether it was the Jilanth T2 Military Shuttle or a stripped-down and modified Ke-T3 "Lion" Transport Shuttle, the craft were exactly what many intergalactic business personnel needed. A market was not being filled appropriately.

However, the only two other producers of mid-range personal transports were Elysia and Yamatai, neither of which seemed inclined to fully embrace the market. Until that time, he invested his cash in other airbike racing teams.

In YE 29, Dine heard from an old designer he'd worked with before. The man was working on Yamatai as a contractor for the Star Army, and he had landed upon a relatively major find โ€“ a Star Army officer had left an aged but near-mint condition Hoplite-class starfighter for the Port Xenn Armory's primary engineer to teach budding technicians on.

The engineer, Kobayakawa Kanaye, did as she had asked โ€ฆ for about two weeks. He then disobeyed the request and instead worked with the contractors to develop something a little more personal, as a kind of payback to the officer as well as a chance to stretch his skills.

What he created was a two-seater personal transport that bristled with possibility. The designer asked Dine if he was still interested in his pursuit of better business transport. Dine wasted no time setting up a corporation, bringing staff with him to Yamatai, and met with Kobayakawa.


The Artemis Aero/Spacy Superiority Fighter was the first fighter/transport created by Xenedine. It is considered a prototype; a test type has yet to be developed, though there is one in the works.

The Ryusei II is a medium fighter/bomber design pursued by Xenedine in an attempt to fill a bomber niche not covered by Ketsurui Zaibatsu's larger Ke-V2 "Uriko" Anti-Starship Torpedo Bomber. It was scheduled to under go tests with NovaCorp's Hyuga V4 heavy fighter, but the proliferation of the Mishhuvurthyar invasion stalled the tests, and the Star Army of Yamatai ramped production of the Uriko. One squadron of 12 Ryusei II bombers had been created by the middle of YE 29.

By YE 30, however, with the Mishhuvurthyar closing in, the desire for any kind of warcraft outweighed the need for testing. Six squadrons, each with several sets of munitions, were integrated into Yamatai's fleets. Another squadron was purchased by SAINT and broken up for their own testing.

An exportable model, the Athena, has drawn some interest from other groups, but no purchases have been made yet.

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