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Yggdrasill-Type Cargo Bay Grappler

A smaller and simpler version of the grappler exists in the cargo bay, allowing the ship to automatically sort cargo and obtain weight data on the cargo, even shifting loads and sending such data to the DTS and UGP systems for thrust and gravity calculations. The armatures lack the combat abilities of their external cousins, but are not on a fixed point, either. Aided by antigravity devices, they travel by following rails on the ceiling, with altitude adjustment possible as needed. This is also the system used to compute the weight of cargo, and permits loading to be done by the shipโ€™s computer autonomously. The grapplers are three-digit, omni-opposable, with three digit joints and two armature joints. They can also transfer over to the shuttle bays as needed. There are four such cargo grapplers, which can work independently or together. They can lift up to 3,000kg unassisted, 12,000kg together. They are capable of lifting even more with the co-operation of the UGP, which can lower or increase gravity in localized areas of the ship.

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