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Hoverboard lighting kits

Lighting Kits for all Hoverboard lighting needs.

About Hoverboard Lighting Kits

Lighting is important for everyday use, as they shine and allow for visibility. Hoverboard’s lighting kits not only do this, but they are also a special part of the decoration specification. As such it is equally important for a Hoverboard, however, there is a difference in terms of Casual use vs Competition. This page details those differences, and the kinds of lighting kits that the Hoverboards use, and an additional repair kit for the lighting kits. Each was designed by Motoyoshi-Igarashi Yue and remade on request of the Yugumo Corporation board of directors.


In late YE 44, Yue had designed and created the Hoverboards. She worked on each part of the Hoverboard’s technology to make sure that it was safe for use even if there were extreme sports athletes who’d want to go to the very limit. The Lights were one such technology that was researched extensively and with some help of the Yugumo Workers Federation she was able to figure out what lights work, and eventually, with Itatski Sachiko joining Yugumo Corporation. She was able to gain new aid in her research and the development of the lighting kits was soon formed.

In early YE 45, before the Colonial Initiative left for the Kosuke Sector, The Lighting Kits were one of the things that the Yugumo Board of Directors had asked her to rework. They’d wanted her to come up with new lights and her input on potential new rules regarding them too.

Lighting Kits

Lighting Kits are special lights that are able to be used in specific Hoverboards.

Casual Lighting Kits

Casual Lighting Kits come in multiple color hues, and color temperatures. This also includes those in the spectrum that most normal civilians are not able to see, but some Military Cyborgs or Robots could. As a concern for safety, there is a special tracking tech that uses light that could be detected by sensors.

Casual Use Regulations

Casual use regulations do not allow strobe-based lighting or lights that flicker, especially not in environments where there were other surfers in the water. This was a measure to prevent those with conditions the Kikyo/Kosuke Sector equivalent of epilepsy, or other kinds of visual sensitivity to suffer.

Competition Lighting Kits

Competition Lighting Kits can come in multiple color hues, however, they must be able to be visible to all viewers, spectators, Competition Staff, and Rescuers. This meant they cannot be in hues that normal civilians can't detect.

Competition Regulations

Much like Casual Use Regulations, Competition rules do not allow strobe-based lighting, or lights that flicker, especially not in environments where there were other surfers in the water. This was a measure to prevent those with conditions the Kikyo/Kosuke Sector equivalent of epilepsy, or other kinds of visual sensitivity to suffer. This was so that every competitor had a fair trial at a Hoverboard Race, or Hoverboard Surf competition.

Lighting Repair Kits

Lighting Repair kits are special equipment to use in case the lighting part of a Hoverboard has gotten damaged for whatever reason. In the repair kit are the following

  • Spare Lighting Kits
  • Lighting detachment device
  • Lighting, cleaning rag
  • Cleaning spray

Spare Lighting Kits

Within each Lighting Repair Kit, are a set of 8 Spare lighting kits that can be used to replace broken or scratched lights on a Hoverboard. Of course, the chances that these lights were the same color as the ones that were broken or cracked may depend on the person replacing them, or the athlete taking the right ones. Chances are 50/50

Lighting Detachment Device

Within each Lighting Repair Kit is a single Lighting Detachment Device. It is a cylindrical device no bigger than a typical wrench in terms of length, width and height. The person holds the device in one hand, which is a soft, flexible rubber like material, while pointing the other end of the device at the lighting kit attached to the Hoverboard.


When activated, the device electronically sends signals to the Lighting Kit to detach itself. This allows for limited exposure to the materials in case the lights were cracked and would not allow scratches to the skin, or damage to gloves to occur. The lighting kit would pop out and slowly make its way to the user, so long as the device is pointed at it.

Lighting Cleaning Kit

The Lighting Cleaning Kit is a kit filled with two items,

  • Cleaning Rag
  • Cleaning Spray

Cleaning Rag

The Cleaning Rag is made of a soft, fabric material that does not allow scratches to form on the light surface that is being cleaned. It absorbs the solution from the spray and allows it to form over the light’s surface allowing it to be cleaned.

Cleaning spray

The Spray spews a liquid solution that’s different from water, which gets absorbed by the rag in order to be used to clean the lights. This liquid isn't harmful to living people, but people shouldn’t ingest it.

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