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Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42

The Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42 is made by Yugumo Corporation. Production began in YE 42. They are used aboard Yugumo Corporation ships with subsentient android crew. The Anthroform Drone Berth is also a more-than-adequate power armor storage rack.

Designer: Yugumo Corporation
Nomenclature: Current - Type 42
Manufacturer: Yugumo Corporation
Fielded by: Yugumo Corporation


In YE 42, Yugumo Corporation division Takeda Fleet was tasked with crewing the new Misha-Class Explorer. In order to make sure there were sufficient subsentient androids aboard to fully crew the vessel in the absence of sentient crew, yet not have the androids crowd the bridge when the sapients were present, there needed to be a storage solution suited to the anthropomorphic frame. Some androids that have gained sentience while used to staying in a Drone Berth tend to prefer them, clustered with others in a cabin, occupying a cultural position similar to Traditional Nekovalkyrja Nests.

Function and Design

Primarily composed of strong, lightweight Durandium Alloy, the Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42 is designed to safely, securely store androids while ensuring they are available for immediate deployment. The Drone Berth is equipped with provisions for quick charging and running diagnostics, backups, and maintenance routines on inactive androids within. An inactive humanoid drone inside the berth is protected from damage and held fast in both zero-gravity and high-gravity situations, such as a loss of artificial gravity or extreme acceleration, braking, or maneuvering during a loss of inertial dampening. Provisions are made in the form of a secure storage shelf for any equipment or accessories for the android. The ship's computer or an operator can remotely activate and release androids occupying a Drone Berth.

The Anthroform Drone Berth, Type 42 has been tested with the following androids:

It is possible other models may be compatible with the unit, although this may or may not require firmware updates to the Drone Berth to enable quick charging, diagnostics, backups, maintenance, and remote activation.


Two meters (78¾”) tall, and 0.75 meters (29½“) wide, the sides and back of the Anthroform Drone Berth are Durandium Alloy diamond mesh with angle stock at the corners. The bottom, top, and shelf are Durandium Alloy diamond plate. The safety cage protecting the front, not unlike the one designed to hold in riders on standing-position rollercoasters, is of 6-centimeter Durandium Alloy tubing with protective Durandium Alloy plates attached to the outside. The flexible Cerastic foam padding on the inside of the berth and cage is the secondary protection system after the seven-point harness affixed firmly to the rear plate of the berth. There is a small bicycle-type seat of the same flexible Cerastic smart foam supports the android from beneath. The shelf above is protected by similar padding and diamond-mesh door on the front. The diamond mesh allows plenty of hardpoints to attach straps and webbing to secure any cargo within, just as the diamond mesh in the drone compartment allows secure stowage of items the drone needs close at hand. A storage unit that lacks the drone restraints and charging and diagnostics systems of the same form factor as the berth is available for half price.


The Anthroform Drone Berth is mass-produced, and available preinstalled in Yugumo Corporation ships, or aftermarket for refit. The standard version fits ships produced by Yugumo Corporation, as well as Geshrinari Shipyards and Ketsurui Fleet Yards. An adapter is available at additional cost to allow the unit to be physically secured to Origin Industries Fleet Yards bulkheads and interface with their systems.

OOC Notes

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