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Yu Standard Cargo Bay

The cargo bays are 20m high inside, with 10m high Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors allowing access both to the inside and outside of the ship, with an airlock on the former. There is a Scalable Graviton Beam Projector Array in the center of the rear wall, and one in the center of the ceiling, for handling cargo. A pair of cargo grapplers are located on a gantry above in each one, along with traditional cranes and lifts. Modular wall sections and tie-down points, that can be removed or adjusted to different sizes and placements for straps and other devices to secure cargo are built-in, and there are many sections of the floor covered in rollers. Gravity in the cargo bays can be adjusted independently from other areas of the ship.

There is storage for the Type 42 Forklift Robot fleet that tends the cargo bay, and racks for their accessories.

Emergency Bunks

The Yu Standard Cargo Bay features racks of Star Army Bunk Bed, Type 40 bunked three high, kept in collapsed mode, just in case the ship needs to take on additional people in an emergency. In addition, there are simple emergency shower-heads and drains, along with sink/fountain/toilet combos, one for each four sets of bunks, behind removable panels in the bulkheads of both cargo bays. Similarly concealed are a washer, dryer, and utility sink for every eight sets of bunks. These systems raise the emergency capacity of the vessel to nearly five times the base, with more comfort and less crowding due to the temporary increase in berthing space and sanitation extending the livable area to the cargo areas.


Yugumo Fleetworks standardized their cargo bay designs after experimentation aboard the ISS Mitsu.

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