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Decoy Armor System

The Decoy Armor System was developed in YE 31 by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards for the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces.

Decoy Armor System
Designer Motoyoshi Fleet Yards
Nomenclature Legacy Product My-X1-H3100
Manufacturer Motoyoshi Fleet Yards until YE 41, then Yugumo Corporation
Fielded by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards until YE 41, then Yugumo Corporation
Production On Demand
Damage Rating Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 10
Price Negotiated

About The Decoy Armor System

The Decoy Armor System was developed by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards to help the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces in their defense against piracy. This system is not a true armor, but a sophisticated camouflage. It allows a vessel to disguise its appearance, allowing a patrol craft to appear as a freighter. It can then join a group of merchants and blend in. Then when a hostile vessel closes in for what looks like an easy target. The ship ejects the armor and engages the enemy, gaining the tactical advantage of surprise.

How it works

The My-X1-H3100 modules create a false exterior to the ship installed on by using raw materials. This is accomplished by using thousands of simple mini-bots. The mini-bots are approximately 2.5 cm in size. These mini-bots use to process raw materials, such as an asteroid and process the material to make the exterior. They are guided by the ship's computer so that the exterior is able to be customized. After being disguised the vessel would also have to adjust its energy signature and emissions accordingly.

My-X1-H3100 Modules

The Decoy Armor System is produced in modular components.

The dimensions of each module is:

  • Diameter: 3 meters (10.11 feet)
  • Height: .5 meters (1.685 feet)


The Modules appear as large black discs mounted on the hull of the ship. They are controlled by the MIKO Electronics Suite computer aboard the vessel. When activated the modules first construct a series of rods to form the support structure for the fake exterior. They are always installed in pairs.


The larger a vessel the more modules required to create the superstructure, and fake exterior.

# of Modules Size of the ship covered
2 - 4 Small Escorts and Patrol Craft
4 - 8 Destroyers, Gunships

Note: The Modules must be installed and maintained by trained Motoyoshi Fleet Yards personnel with appropriate authorization. These modules contain anti-tamper devices and will auto-destruct if tampered with.

OOC Notes

  • Was made by Nashoba
  • It was approved by Wes in this thread on 1/17/2009.
  • Page was updated for structure and historical purposes by Andrew on 1/03/2021.

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