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"Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod

The “Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod is the standard escape pod used by the Yugumo Corporation as of YE 43.

Ikigai (生きがい) means “Reason to Live” in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

History and Background

In YE 41 an YE 42, the Yugumo Corporation produced several ships in which they had contracted the escape pods out to Geshrinari Shipyards. In YE 43, with the activation of Port Jiyuu the company's production lines expanded. Yugumo Fleetworks was quick to bring the design for a new escape pod system forwards as that it would be easier to work with a unit that was built in-house than one that was made by another company, not to mention the Ge-X3300 - Type 33 Escape Pod was ten years old.

The designers at Yugumo Fleetworks wanted a small rapid launch, harder to detect, and durable escape pod that could sustain the occupants for as long as possible. Also with the company investigating the possibilities of longer-ranged missions, they wanted an escape pod that could place the occupants in stasis to reduce the resources needed to keep them alive for long periods.

Description of The "Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod

The “Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod, is a single-person escape pod that is designed for long-range and longer-term survival. It is deployed from specialized launch tubes in the ship's hull. It is propelled from the launch tube using alternating electromagnetic fields which work much like a railgun to propel the escape pod away from the ship at close-to-light-speed. The escape pod is designed for two different modes; the first is an escape with short-term usage and the second is an escape with long-term usage.

Statistics and Performance

The “Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod System would become the standard on vessels produced by the Yugumo Corporation.


General information about the escape pod.

General Statistics for “Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod
Year Introduced YE 43
Class/Nomenclature Yu-D1-X4300 / Type 43
Alternative Nomenclature None
Designers Yugumo Corporation
Manufacturer Yugumo Fleetworks
Fielded By Yugumo Corporation
Range Up to twenty-five years in Stasis.
Maintenance Cycle Every 2 years
Damage Rating (Version 3) Tier 4
Pricing 5,800 KS


Maximum Capacity: 1 Passenger


Dimensions of the escape pod.

  • Height: 2.50m
  • Width: 1.32m
  • Depth: 0.70m

Propulsion and Range

Propulsion Systems Performance.

Getting In and Launch Alcoves

Launch alcoves on Yugumo Fleetworks ships and space stations can have anywhere from 5 to 50 launch tubes. They generally are found adjacent to key areas of the ship, or off main passageways. During an emergency situation, the launch stations open. Personnel walks into the craft, the inner door closes and the outer door seals then the escape pod is launched away from the ship. On some ships, pods are loaded into the system from cargo bays or storage for multiple launches per tube.


The interior of the pod is filled immediately before launch with a flesh-like gel 2) that congeals around the body of the passenger and separated from the main structure by Yarvex lining. The gel serves as an insulator and shock absorber to protect the occupant. A face mask which delivers a breathable atmosphere and scrubs exhaled gases forms over the face. In-flight, further umbilicals are deployed to catch waste products for recycling, provide nutrients and hydration. In the event of long-term usage beyond twenty-four hours, the KAIMON activates the stasis system which can hold the occupant in stasis for an estimated twenty-five years provided the Aether generator remains active. 3)


The KAIMON is programmed to the following priorities, but as a fully sentient system it is capable of making heuristic decisions to maximize occupant survival:

  1. Primary - Evaluate Occupant Vitals.
  2. Secondary - Locate Friendly Reception.
  3. Tertiary - Locate Habitable Planet or Moon.
  4. Evaluate for Stasis Mode. Activate if Needed.

Survivor Connect

In the event multiple pods successfully escape together (on each side), they can join together to share system resources and compensate for limited damage to other pods.


Subsystems on the Escape Pod.

Hull Construction

This escape pod utilizes a primarily Durandium Alloy for its hull structure.

“Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod
Primary SpaceFrame Durandium Alloy
Secondary SpaceFrame Durandium Alloy
Outer Plates Sitearium coated Durandium Alloy Plate
Lining Yarvex Lining

Electronics Suite

The “Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod is equipped with the KAIMON-Passage system, which includes its suite of electronics, communications, and sensor systems. It includes the additional modules for SYNC/PANTHEON4) connect and uplink capability to other KAIMON. Interface with the occupant is done via SQUID, in the event, the occupant is unable to connect or is incompatible with the SQUID, the KAIMON will perform with full automation.

Power Systems

The “Ikigai” uses a civilian-rated Aether generator and capacitor system. The capacitor system can provide up to three days of power pending the generator stops functioning.

Life Support Systems

The escape pod utilizes Yugumo Standard Life Support Systems, which includes additional concentrated nutrient injection, stasis equipment and provisions to assist with sustaining the pilot.

Propulsion Systems

Th “Ikigai” Type 43 Escape Pod is equipped with a small Mizu II (Ripple II) Contimuum Distortion Drive, which includes a civilian-rated CFS system for very minor defense and stealth. It also has a low powered Hyperspace Fold Drive that is capable of transit at 0.1LY/min (10 LY Range per Jump. 60 minute re|charge time) It uses a single Multi-Stage Turbo Plasma Drive with a maximum performance of 0.15c at STL. Maneuvering Thrusters (ion thrusters) are used primarily for attitude adjustment, docking, and station keeping.

The escape pod also has an Anti-Gravity System for landing and atmospheric operations.

OOC Notes

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Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessmall craft
Product Name"Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod
ManufacturerYugumo Corporation, Yugumo Fleetworks
Year ReleasedYE 43
Price (KS)5 ,800.00 KS
In the event of a water landing, this can assist with floatation
The gel is medically active with nanomachines that can assist with annealing some wounds, it is not as sophisticated as hemosynth.
In some models the stasis system can run longer, but the outcome is uncertain.
Access level determined by those respected systems. Military access restricted to Star Army of Yamatai personnel.

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