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Takeda Fleet

Founded in YE 42 Takeda Fleet (Yamataigo: “武田の艦隊 – “Takeda no Kantai”), comprises private, civilian ships operated on behalf of Motoyoshi Tachiko and the Motoyoshi Clan. It officially operates under the auspices of Yugumo Corporation.

About Takeda Fleet

Created by Motoyoshi Tachiko to manage her personal fleet of ships, and to employ them when official Star Army of Yamatai ships are inappropriate or inexpedient, able to operate where they are unwelcome or at the behest of private interests that would not be able to requisition official vehicles.

Takeda fleet is a holding company and logistics and fleet management services provider that furnishes and crews starships and operates shuttles and passenger liners on behalf of its ownership and their associates.

In general, Takeda Fleet fields Origin Industries Fleet Yards ships, owing to their high quality-to-price ratio, general availability, ubiquitous inconspicuousness, and appearance of neutrality. Some missions that Takeda Fleet specializes in:

General Information

Takeda Fleet
Takeda Fleet Logo
Motto “風林火山 – Fūrinkazan (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain)”
Shachō Motoyoshi Tachiko
Founded YE 42
Headquarters Tokyo, Jiyuu III (Jiyuu)
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Tk


Takeda Fleet's Headquarters is in Tokyo, Jiyuu III (Jiyuu), in a nondescript office building near the Atarashi Tokyo Spaceport.


Besides their headquarters and ships, Takeda Fleet piggybacks entirely on Yugumo Corporation for logistics such as hangar and warehouse space.


Takeda Fleet is managed exclusively by its Shachō, Motoyoshi Tachiko. Essentially all other employees are literal drones. Sentient Personnel are paid a salary pegged to the Star Army of Yamatai. If they exist, they usually have Star Army of Yamatai experience and SSS Academy degrees. The current Shachō does not accept a salary.


The home office is staffed by 10 Administrator androids with 4 Security androids protecting them. Takeda Fleet maintains a pool of Security androids, currently 24, to augment personnel on any mission that requires extra security.

Role Count
Shachō 1
Contract Personnel 3
Administrator 12
Crewmember 5
Officer 14
Security 36
Total 71


Below is a list of Drones used by Takeda Fleet:

Crew Drones

These drones are humanoid in form and complex enough to perform general, abstract tasks. It is possible for androids in this class to develop sentience, whereupon they are paid a salary and generally moved into the corporate headquarters.


This android type is for positions that are not expected to proactively participate in security operations. They're the Takeda Fleet's “Civilian” personnel. Crewmembers are configured and equipped with Standard Issue to seem as human as possible.


Physically stronger, and somewhat more imposing than a Crewmember, these androids have a built in stun weapon. Not only do Takeda Fleet's discreet security androids have this type, but also their ship, fighter, and power armor pilots as well. They're also configured and equipped with Standard Issue to pass as human under scrutiny, and are additionally provided Officer Issue to perform more hazardous duties.


This android type is for administrative positions that don't generally see much time aboard ship. Although they're generally planetbound, they're still equipped with Standard Issue on the chance they go into space. Along with the Crewmembers, they're the Takeda Fleet's “Civilian” personnel. Like most Takeda Fleet androids, Administrators are configured and equipped to seem as human as possible.


These are Takeda Fleet's heavy combat androids for situations where passing as human is either unnecessary or unwanted. They are equipped with Security Issue.


These are simpler types of robots who are very unlikely to gain sentience and help with specialized tasks around Takeda Fleet-managed ships.



Takeda Fleet generally uses civilian versions of Star Army gear, mostly from Emrys Industries and Origin Industries, with some from Galactic Horizon.


Takeda Fleet Emblem Takeda Fleet crew duty uniforms, part of their standard issue, consist of a jumpsuit in dark grey, bearing the Takeda Fleet emblem on the right shoulder, and the mission's patch on the left. Rank Insignia are worn on the jumpsuit. When outdoors planetside, a black beret with the ships patch on the flash is worn as headgear. Coveralls and security response armor are also dark grey and have the same patches and insignia. Flight suits are dark grey with light purple panels and dark purple trim.

Dress uniforms are a modified version of the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35. It is dark grey where the Type 35 is Star Army Regal Blue, having a dark purple panel with lighter purple trim. Cadet Blue items are instead black. The field uniform is a field jacket and Star Army Cargo Pants, Type 22 both in black. Rank Insignia are worn on the epaulettes of both. Like the other uniforms, the Takeda Fleet emblem is on the right shoulder, and the mission patch on the left.

Standard Issue

Though most of Takeda Fleet starship crew are androids and don't need much in the way of equipment, great pains are taken to ensure they look and seem as human as possible. This includes using, or at least possessing gear that may be redundant to their intrinsic systems. All Takeda Fleet androids who appear human are female-presenting. Sentient employees who are not managers and only have office duties are issued equipment at the Standard Issue level.

Takeda Fleet starship crew and officers are issued the following items as of YE 42:

Price: 8,150 KS

Officer Issue

Takeda Fleet Officers are issued additional equipment as they are expected to proactively engage security threats, pilot small craft, and otherwise undertake more hazardous duty than a Crewmember. Sentient employees who are expected to engage in hazardous duties are given this level of issue.

Price: 16,400 KS

Takeda Fleet Security Issue

The EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" used as heavy security by Takeda Fleet have their own issue equipment to accommodate their frames and enable their mission.


Price: 6,150 KS


Takeda Fleet are of regular types with consistent crewing and equipment doctrines.

These totals do not reflect small craft attached to a ship or power armor, but do count independent shuttles. Takeda Fleet owns the following ships and small craft:

Type Count
Starlyte C Model 3
Total 3

Fleet Ships

These ships are owned outright by Takeda Fleet even if they're dedicated to other interests:

CIRN Ship Type Name Mission
CYP-CSB-0227 Starlyte C Model ISS Hikari One (光一) Special Operations
CYP-CSB-1013 Starlyte C Model ISS Hikari Two (光二) Fleet Operations
CYP-CSB-1337 Starlyte C Model ISS Hikari Three (光三) Fleet Operations


Ships managed by Takeda Fleet but owned by other interests:

Standard Starship Storage Containers

Takeda Fleet owns the following Storage Containers

Size New Count Used Count Total
SSCC-Small 100 0 100
SSCC-Medium 50 0 50
SSCC-Large 25 0 25
SSCC-XL 10 0 10
SSCC-Huge 5 0 5


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
10,000,000 KS 10,000,000 KS Intitial Investment by Takeda Foundation
9,639,070 KS 360,930 KS Headquarters Staff
8,891,470 KS 747,600 KS Security Pool
8,641,470 KS 250,000 KS Standard Starship Cargo Containers
8,478,370 KS 163,100 KS Staffing ISS Shiori
7,894,074 KS 584,296 KS Staffing ISS Mitsu
7,804,074 KS 90,000 KS Origin Industries Fleet Yards Starbryte L Model Shuttles and Starlyte C Model Transports for Fleet Operations and ISS Mitsu3)
7,284,074 KS 520,000 KS Origin Defense Manufacturing Light Gauss Starship Cannon and Starship Gauss Ammunition purchases for ISS Mitsu4)
7,647,274 KS 156,800 KS Origin Motor Corporation Light Surface Terrain Vehicle, Type 42 purchases for ISS Mitsu5)
7,617,274 KS 30,000 KS Ketsurui Zaibatsu Classico Hovercar purchase for ISS Mitsu6)
6,517,899 KS 1,099,375 KS Noval Heavy Industries luxury upfitting of Classico Hovercar and Starbryte L Model Shuttles for ISS Mitsu, and Starlyte C Model Transports7)
6,171,852 KS 346,047 KS Origin Industries Fleet Yards Starlyte C Model Crew
6,076,452 KS 95,400 KS MultiStruct Multitool and Hyperspace Fuel Tap purchase for ISS Mitsu8)

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