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Takeda Foundation

The Takeda Foundation (Yamataigo: 武田財団 “Takeda Zaidan”) was founded in YE 42 as a holding company, trust fund, and charitable foundation to manage the financial interests of Motoyoshi Tachiko.

About the Takeda Foundation

After the sale of a SSCC-XLfull of superconductors1) for over one hundred million KS, Tachiko realized she needed professional assistance to manage that much money. Thanks to support from the Motoyoshi Clan, and assistance from her EM-J5-1a - FARS SAOY Sayako, she was able to set up a holding company to manage her assets in trust.

General Information

Takeda Foundation
Motto : “風林火山 – Fūrinkazan (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain)”
Trustees Yugumo Corporation
Motoyoshi Clan
Headquarters Tokyo, Jiyuu III
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol Tz


The company is run from a small unit in an unassuming office building in Tokyo, on Jiyuu III. Generally, only a Mimic Computer or two, provided by Takeda Fleet will be onsite, with Motoyoshi Tachiko handling much of the operations of Takeda Foundation's subsidiary businesses remotely over SYNC. Takeda Foundation's subsidiary business share office space.


Other than its home office, Takeda Foundation has no facilities.


Takeda Foundation is a trust, whose beneficiary is Motoyoshi Tachiko, and whose trustees are Yugumo Corporation and the Motoyoshi Clan.

Future Development Fund

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko directed the Foundation to set aside money for Motoyoshi Kuroko. Rather than a derivative trust, which would make Motoyoshi Tachiko a trustee, and expose her to knowledge of Kuroko's relationship to her, it is a separate but wholly-owned entity.



Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
147,105,000 KS 147,105,000 KS Sale of SSCC-XL full of superconductors2)3)4)
145,105,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Donation to Tsubomi5)
143,105,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Donation to One Two Red Blue6)
138,105,000 KS 5,000,000 KS Initial investment in Takeda House
128,105,000 KS 10,000,000 KS Initial investment in Takeda Fleet
126,105,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Initial investment in Tachi's
26,105,000 KS 100,000,000 KS National Bank of Yamatai War Bonds
25,105,000 KS 1,000,000 KS Future Development Fund YE 42
35,105,000 KS 10,000,000 KS Returned investment from Takeda Fleet
33,105,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Future Development Fund YE 43
35,105,000 KS 2,000,000 KS Returned investment from Tachi's
40,105,000 KS 5,000,000 KS Returned investment from Takeda House
37,605,000 KS 2,500,000 KS Donation to Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund7)
35,105,000 KS 2,500,000 KS Donation to Kikyō Scouts8)
32,105,000 KS 3,000,000 KS Future Development Fund YE 44
28,105,000 KS 4,000,000 KS Future Development Fund YE 45
28,105,000 KS Total

Future Development Fund

The Future Development Fund is a trust operated for the benefit of Motoyoshi Kuroko. It is operated by the trustees of the Foundation, without transparency to Motoyoshi Tachiko.

Future Development Fund
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
1,000,000 KS 1,000,000 KS Initial Grant
3,000,000 KS 2,000,000 KS YE 43 Grant
6,000,000 KS 3,000,000 KS YE 44 Grant
10,000,000 KS 4,000,000 KS YE 45 Grant
10,000,000 KS Total

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