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Midnight Infinity

Midnight Infinity is a Yamataian pop group formed by YTP Entertainment in YE 43.

Midnight Infinity
Midnight Infinity Logo
Launched YE 43
Production Company YTP Entertainment
Group Leader Motoyoshi Kaoru
Home Stage Kiku “Comeback” Stage, Tokyo


Midnight Infinity was formed in YE 43 by YTP Entertainment founder, Motoyoshi Kaoru. The group was formed after the disbanding of popular Tokyo-based “Neko Infinity” broke up following the love triangle fall out between its members Ingrid Hoshi, Eira Miyagi, and Natalia Higa. It only made sense for the ambitious founder of YTP Entertainment to form her own Yamataian pop group. She pulled her sisters into the group; Motoyoshi Naoko and Motoyoshi Kazumi along with Sasaki Miyu to help make the group complete.

The group only performs when the four Star Army of Yamatai career girls make shore-leave or perform on the ships they serve on. Their first album “War Girls”, featured the song “Lonely” 1), was recorded just before the New Year of YE 43 and prior to the group's official formation. It served as their debut platform and gained quick popularity on the club scene in Atarashi Tokyo.


Midnight Infinity was named the official Yamataian pop group of the Kikyo Pie Company, which used their song “Lonely” in promotions in YE 43.


Members of Midnight Infinity are:


Releases by Midnight Infinity.

Album Details Chart Position
“War Girls” Released under YTP Media in 1月 44年 Yamatai Top 40, position “11” and Tokyo Top 60, position “5”
“Deployment”3) Released under YTP Media in 7月 43年 Yamatai Top 40, position “08” and Tokyo Top 60, position “3”


YTP Entertainment is currently planning merchandise to support Midnight Infinity.


Performance schedules will be released when updates are made to the deployment of the group's members on the YSS Mazu.

Tour Bus

The YCS Midnight Express is Midnight Infinity's official tour bus. It's a customized Hauler-class Logistics Ship with the luxurious Chairman Upfit Package, painted a distinctive purple color scheme with YTP Entertainment livery.

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