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Yu Standard Emergency Systems

A Standard set of Emergency Systems used on Yugumo Fleetworks ships as of YE 44.7.

History and Background

Since the company's founding in YE 41, the Yugumo Corporation has outsourced the development of emergency systems to Geshrinari Shipyards. As designs for Yugumo Fleetworks evolved, so did the plans for ships that would be developed with systems developed within the company rather than outsourcing. In YE 44.7, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko gave the final order that all emergency systems had to be created in-house, and that legacy systems would eventually be phased out.

Blast Shutters, Doors and Internal Compartmentalization

Having done a lot of work with the Star Army of Yamatai and Ketsurui Fleet Yards over the years, the importance of quality for the production of ships for the military became a best practice. The goal of the designers at Yugumo Fleetworks was to create high-quality civilian systems that were at least almost as good, or just a little bit less quality than those on military ships.

All ships produced by Yugumo Fleetworks have complete compartmentalization, they deploy systems such as overlapping 3cm to 5cm thick plates of stylized and cut Durandium Alloy that form blast shutters to allow compartments to be sealed off in the event of catastrophic failure that leads to depressurization, or another type of failure. Larger vessels use the Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors, that were originally designed by Motoyoshi Fleet Yards in YE 30 and adopted by the new parent corporation in YE 42. These systems can also be used to seal off sections of a ship in the event the ship is boarded by a hostile force.

Damage Control

Yu Standard Damage Control Lockers are kept at regular intervals in starship compartments to provide crews the needed materials to make temporary repairs until more permanent ones can be made.

Fire Suppression System

Yugumo Corporation ships use a similar fire suppression system to the Star Army of Yamatai which includes the deployment of fire suppression foam to fight fires. It also is a completely compartmentalized vessel that can vent compartments into space to remove oxygen from feeding the fire. The ship's KAIMON is able to also deploy KAIMON/Ascendant Companion to assist with fire fighting protocols.

Other Emergency Systems

Crew utilizing their KAIMON/Ascendant Companion or KAIMON/Ascendant Consort in combination with mobile power generators can be utilized to power localized systems temporarily to assist with understanding the status of other compartments and systems. KAIMON's communications system can be powered independently to assist with emergency communications. Plus KAIMON/Ascendant Companion or KAIMON/Ascendant Consort have their own communications systems which should have enough range to at least communicate within the ship, or section of a base that they occupy.

Yu Standard First Aid Lockers are also placed in key areas around the ship to assist with any injuries. Similarly, Yu Standard Survival Lockers provide survival gear in the event of catastrophe.

Auto Destruct

All ships have a hardcoded auto-destruct system which involves the intentional overpowering of their ships quantum foam generators to create a destructive cascade that will result in the destruction of the ship and its technology. As a secondary measure, some ships1) will have a built-in explosive connection point at key junctions and systems, such as explosive bolts which will also result in the destruction of the ship. In the event of KAIMON failure these systems can be armed and activated manually through genetically locked terminals on the ship.

Escape Pods

In the event of the need to abandon ship, most Yugumo Fleetworks ships are equipped with enough "Ikigai" Type 43 Escape Pod for the crew. Larger vessels can also rely on their complement of any shuttles, or Yoru no Tenshi 'Tenshi II' Light Mechanized Power Armor in an extraordinary event.

Ikigai Escape Pod

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