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Yukosfilm Ltd

This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Yukosfilm Limited Productions(same in Yamataigo), or simply Yukosfilm, is a large Film distribution company based in Yamatai. Most of its production, as well as its headquarters, are based on Planet Yamatai.

General Information
Industry Film
Founded YE 17
Founder(s) Haraki Yuko, Teshima Manei & Allen Redford
Key People Haraki Yuko (President), Teshima Hogei (Chairman), Frederik Baumann (Abwehran, Chief of Production), Edward Fornel (Nepleslian, Franchise Manager)
Headquarters Crossroads Complex, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai
Divisions Yukosfilm Home Media, Yukosfilm Animation & Cartoons, Yukosfilm Film Parks, Yukosfilm Electronic Entertainment
Subsidiaries Lunarflix Lighting & Effects, Firefly Films, Comedy House Entertainment, NDE Productions
Employees ~300,000 (as of YE 38)
Capital ~2,930,567,910 KS
Concurrent Stardust Pictures


With the increasing popularity of Stardust Pictures, but with the failing results of Universal Cinematics, long-time member of the Board of Directors of Universal Haraki Yuko left the company to form an own independent film company to stand as a opponent for Stardust. After several conversations with investors Teshima Manei and Allen Redford (Nepleslian), Yuko was convinced he could set up a successful company. As Universal kept loosing their hold on the film market, Yuko finally conceived his company in YE 17. Manei would serve on the Board of Directors as co-Chairman, while Allen would become Chief of Production.

Afterwards, Yuko went to hire an ensemble of both famous and upcoming actors/actresses and directors who would later star in various Yukosfilm productions, including: Horothi Mana, Kishathe Jeko, Eguchi Ebei, Izubu Kane, Sonoda Kato, Frederick Nutbon and Elisabeth Vanders (who would become the highest-paid actress of YE 22) and remains most-awarded actress of all time.

The first breakthrough of Yukosfilm would be the Visitors from Outer Space franchise, which established the company's name on the film market. The first film was so successful that it would become the highest grossing film of YE 18. One other reason Yukosfilm has remained a big player over the years is its implementation of ground-breaking film-making techniques, such as the important HydroScope cinema systems developed in YE 27, which has been in use galaxy-wide ever since, even by other film companies. More recent success has come from the distribution of the Professor Yuko franchise, starting with professor_yuko_and_the_secret_of_the_tomb in late YE 37.

In YE 19, when Universal Cinematics collapsed, Yukosfilm acquired several of its leading staff, including former Co-chairman Kikkawa Michi, as well as several of its former subsidiaries NDE Productions and Italic Cartoons Productions, the latter which would split off from the company in YE 28 and become Italic Animation.

Lunarflix Lighting & Effects was created in YE 25 by long-time effects designers Ligathe Nemro and Frank Jonas to accompany some of the company's releases, specialising in visual effects, becoming the biggest Effects company in YE 27 after the release of the Cult hit The Blue Moon.

The office of Franchise Manager was created shortly after the release of the second Time Travellers in YE 26 and has since been taken by producer Edward Fornel. The role of the manager was to ensure continuity in the serial films and provide a common ground for franchises to be built upon.

Teshima Manei died in YE 35, and he was replaced as co-Chairman by his son Hogei. Allen retired as Chief shortly after in YE 36, and his place was taken by Abwehran Frederik Baumann. With this, two of the three founders are out as of YE 36, with only Yuko remaining as president.

Television & Radio

Yukosfilm has grown extensively in the last years in the field of TV and Radio. In YE 26 Yukosfilm Electronic Entertainment was created to put against Stardust's Television & Radio, combining Yukos Television and Yukos Radio, which had been created in YE 20. Since then, Yukosfilm has gained control over 3 main TV channels, namely YEEC 1 to 3; and three limited channels: TravelNews, Sports Daily, and The Kids Channel. Today Galactic plays on YEEC 1 and is the most viewed news show of all time.

Yukosfilm is also owner of 6 Radio channels, namely YERC 1 to 3, Hits Radio FM, 89.7FM and Classic FM. YERC News was shut down due to lack of listeners in YE 36, after 4 years of service.

Logo & Theme

The logo of Yukosfilm was first adapted in YE 18 and features a golden Parrot under a rainbow archway. When used in intros, a short video is shown with the parrot flying and descending on a branch, originally olive plants, with the rainbow crossing overhead, and the name appearing beneath the branch. Although the first logo video was hand-painted and -coloured, it has since then transcended to a real-live video, with the current version shot in YE 34, featuring the tame parrot Yuumi. A short melody, dubbed the “Parrot's Song”, accompanies the logo transitions.


Yukosfilm is mostly known for its many Science fiction films and franchises, ever since the launch of the first HydroScope feature Strange Worlds, as well as its comedy's produced by Comedy House Entertainment. Its #1 Highest Grossing Film, The Blue Moon, is still the best-earned sci-fi movie in the galaxy and the #4 highest grossing film ever made. The franchises Visitors from Outer Space and Galactic Conflict are the #1 and #3 highest grossing film franchises ever made. Because of its multiple owned subsidiaries, most of the company's production are done inside Yukosfilm.

Highest Grossing films

This list excludes films from film franchises, and only list stand-alone films and features, excepting those that have made over 100 million KS. The others are stand-alone who have also reached over 100 million.

Rank Title Year Domestic Gross Notes
1 The Blue Moon YE 27 639,817,341 KS
2 Time Recall YE 21 549,318,619 KS
3 yui_s_gamble YE 40 510,986,375 KS Distribution only, Production by NDE Productions
4 Astronauts in Danger YE 22 431,391,273 KS Distribution only, Production by Comedy House Entertainment
5 Crisis in Galactic City YE 28 391,873,124 KS Distribution only, Production by NDE Productions
6 Professor Yuko and the Book of Agibas YE 39 354,936,508 KS Distribution only, Production by Firefly Films & Vibrant Cloud Filmworks
7 The Last Battleship YE 31 319,804,572 KS
8 Dark Woods YE 38 301,536,966 KS Distribution only, Production by Yody Films
9 professor_yuko_and_the_secret_of_the_tomb YE 37 283,579,164 KS Distribution only, Production by Firefly Films
10 Abnormal YE 24 204,809,172 KS Distribution only, Production by Comedy House Entertainment
11 A House to Life for YE 32 173,951,278 KS
12 Allaine's Story YE 36 109,739,338 KS Distribution only, Production by NDE Productions
13 Prime Objective YE 38 104,689,471 KS

Film Series

The list below includes all the franchises of the company, that means linked movies with more than two instalments. These films were both produced in house or by one of the company's subsidiaries.

Title Release Date # of Films Notes
Visitors from Outer Space YE 18-YE 38 4
Time Travellers YE 23-YE 29 4 co-production with Yody Films
Letters of Love YE 26-present 3 co-production with Rockwood Films
Iron Machines YE 27-YE 38 4 co-production with Firefly Films & Italic Animations (YE 29)
Fury Racers YE 28-present 3 co-production with Comedy House Entertainment
Galactic Conflicts YE 30-present 4 co-production with Firefly Films & NDE Productions
The Dummies YE 32-present 2 co-production with Comedy House Entertainment
Professor Yuko YE 37-present 2 co-production with Firefly Films & Vibrant Cloud Filmworks
John Bruce YE 39-present 1 co-production with Yody Films


The following is a list of important and key people in the company, including managers, producers, and engineers:

Board of Directors

  • Haraki Yuko: President
  • Teshima Hogei: Chairman
  • Monaro Kosha: Co-Chairman
  • Frederik Baumann: Chief of Production
  • Iseri Sotaro: Chief of Finances
  • Umeji Ina: Member of Board of Directors
  • Mary Hager: Member of Board of Directors

Division Managers & Subsidiaries

  • Edward Fornel: Franchise Manager
  • Ligathe Nemro: Lunarflix Lighting & Effects Manager
  • Wakaki Hira: Yukosfilm Home Entertainment Manager
  • Bob Lucher: Yukosfilm Animation & Cartoons Manager
  • Katao Hisaka: Yukosfilm Electronic Entertainment Manager
  • Ichida Kaeye: Yukosfilm Film Parks Manager
  • Mokuti Haio: Firefly Films President
  • Kunito Hawa: Comedy House Entertainment President
  • Victor Strauss: NDE Productions President

Key Personnel

  • Frank Jonas: Senior Sound Mixer
  • Horothi Mana: Multiple-winning actor
  • Elisabeth Vanders: Multiple-winning actress
  • Frederick Nutbon: Multiple-winning actor, resident actor professor
  • Donald Gleeston: Senior Cinematographer
  • Luke Mirage: Multiple-winning Screenwriter
  • Victor Strauss: Multiple-winning Cinematographer
  • Lushi Kantore: Multiple-winning Make-up Artist
  • Meyani Shotul: Marketing Supervisor
  • George F. Leward: Senior Casting Director
  • Ikehata Tessai: Senior Newscaster

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