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Hostile Upgrade Package

The Hostile Upgrade Package was developed in late YE 36 by Zen Armaments for the SMDIoN's NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – β€œHostile”. It was conceived and proposed to NAM and became a joint venture. It is composed of four major improvements to the existing Hostile Power Armor and is intended to improve the platform's capabilities and survivability without sacrificing any of its existing advantages.

Development History

After experiences during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and Rok'Veru Offensive, it was found that the Hostile's capabilities were beginning to fall behind Mishhu improvements, jeopardizing the Marines in combat. Debate, however, raged back and forth over what improvements should be implemented. Increased armoring meant increased weight, resulting in lower speeds and maneuverability as well a larger target profile.

Zen Arms took a look at the data and presented their own proposal to NAM. The changes proposed were internal and focused on improved systems rather than improved armor. Zen reasoned that if the Hostile's electronics were better, it would result in better reaction times and overall increased platform effectiveness.


The first proposed change was to upgrade from the SAVTech Precipice AI to the Advanced Combat Executive AI. The new AI and computer processors to go with it would improve the Hostile in three areas. Improved processors would mean faster reaction times and processing speeds for commands. These would also provide for improved battlefield networking capabilities between individuals and larger units. Finally, it would allow for more complex systems to be mounted in the Hostile, given the increased processing capabilities.

Improved Electronics Warfare

The Na-M/V-E3600 Brainspammer suite is an updated electronics warfare suite that aids the user by acting as both a defensive and offensive tool. It is able to scramble enemy communications, launch digital attacks on networks, and prevent hacking attempts on the power armor's systems.

Improved Internal Medical Systems

Nepleslia's Internal Medical System was designed as an improved method of administering battlefield first aid to a power armor user. It was added specifically for environments when a medic could not expose the armor's wearer to the surrounding atmosphere, or lack thereof.

Conformal Barrier Shield

Finally, the new Conformal Barrier System is a new way for Nepleslia to provide shielding but at a lower energy cost. It creates a shielded coating around the armor rather than the traditional bubble or wall shields that Nepleslia has used thus far. This makes it much more energy efficient as there is no longer a need to project energy as far as previously.

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