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Zen Armaments Marksman Rifle vz. 1

The Zen Armaments Marksman Rifle vz. 1 is a bolt-action, high-precision, cartridge-firing rifle designed for law enforcement and military applications. It is often referred to as the MR-1.

About the MR-1

The third design by Elena B. Romanova, the MR-1 rounds out the โ€œvz. 1โ€ series with a long range weapon for use by sharpshooters. Because several other precision rifles already were on the civilian market, not to mention weapons using energy, Romanova wanted a weapon that would be more useful to tactical users who could make full use of a variety of options. A countersniper weapon was a possibility, but she discarded it; military operators would have no use for a short-barreled, bolt-action rifle.

The rifle's principle use was settled โ€” long-range, high-precision, moderate-weight, large-caliber. However, the rifle also was designed to be far more inexpensive to purchase and operate than the legendary Zen Arms Precision Sniper Rifle.

Weapon Specifications

Nomenclature Information

Designer Elena B. Romanova
Manufacturer Zen Armaments
Name Zen Armaments Marksman Rifle vz. 1 (Ze-ZMR-01a)
Type Sniper Rifle
Role Mid-range to long-range combat
Length ~48 inches / 1200 mm
Barrel Length 27.5 inches / 700 mm
Weight 12.5 pounds / 5.66 kg loaded
Capacity 8 to 10 rounds, depending on caliber
Rate of Fire Bolt-action

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type 7.5 x 65 mm Zen Mag, 7.62 x 51mm Ketsurui Zaibatsu
Effective Range Up to 900 meters, depending on caliber
Maximum Range 1,300 meters
Muzzle Velocity Caliber-dependent
Muzzle Blast A large yellow-white burst
Firing Mode N/A
Recoil Stiff

Firing Mechanism


The bolt consists of a tube of metal inside of which the firing mechanism is housed, and which has at the front or rear of the tube several metal knobs, or โ€œlugsโ€, which serve to lock the bolt in place. The bolt is manually rotated and pulled back. When this happens, the round in an internal or box magazine is pushed up via tension in the spring in said magazine. When the bolt is pushed forward, it pushes the round into the chamber and locks once rotated into the proper position. All types of firearms have bolt-action varieties, but bolt actions are most common in rifles.

Other Mechanisms

Safety: Left side slider switch; toward trigger = shoot, toward magazine = fire. Magazine Release: A small push-forward latch in front of the trigger guard. Push forward to release the magazine's lock. Adjustable Cheek Pad: The cheek pad can be raised or lowered 6 mm either away from or toward the base. Adjustable Butt Pad: The put pad can be moved 10 mm away from or toward the muzzle. Bolt removal: Turn the bolt and pull it full back. Squeeze the trigger after confirming no cartridges are attached to the bolt face, then continue to pull the bolt free.


To save weight, the rifle's furniture was constructed of Steenplast with the barrel constructed of steel.


Field maintenance is accomplished by removing the bolt and magazine and using a barrel brush to clean the metal components. More in-depth tasks, including removing the barrel, are best left to an armorer or gunsmith.

Pricing is 550 KS.


Iron sight kit: 50 KS. Extra magaiznes: 25 KS. IR-scope option: 100 KS. Scope batteries: 15 KS for a pack of 10.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameMarksman Rifle vz. 1
Price (KS)550.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 3

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