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Zen Automatic Rifle Compact Type 39

The ZARC-T39, otherwise known as the ZARCNAM, is a weapon produced by Zen Armaments and intended to replace the older weaponry of Zen Armaments with a more up-to-date and capable weapon. It was created and began production during YE 39, aimed at a market for the common civilian and various military forces of the Kikyo Sector.

About the Zen Automatic Rifle Compact Type 39

At the turn of YE 39, it had been nearly five years since the creation of the original weapon that had made a great impact on Zen's sales. With that age, it was a no-brainer to try and figure out if they could improve upon the trademark design of the ZARC and its larger ZAAR. Rather than make two weapons, they wondered if they could produce a new platform from one of them. Combining two weapons, however, unintentionally led them to trying to work with NAM. As a company who helps supply them, the scientists of Nepleslia paired up with the corporation to highlight what could go from the weapon and how to streamline it to still functionally achieve similar power. A joint project to provide NAM experience to pair with Zen's ingenuity and inspiration.

It took only a matter of a few months, plenty of testing, and more than a handful of the weapons blowing up while firing, but they created a new ZARC to act as a platform. The new weapon had been shaved of unnecessary parts, fitted with stronger systems based along Nepleslian-provided designs, and ultimately combined with a second weapon to act as an integrated underbarrel weapon. The combination of Zen and NAM had a profound effect on the Type 39's model, leading to its nickname and more loved name, the ZARCNAM. With further work to provide Nepleslia's soldiers with every type of attachment a gun could need, Zen had ultimately built one of the highest grade civilian and military weapons in their entire inventory.

Nomenclature Information


A default ZARCNAM base, lacking modifications.

While it has many modifications to change how it might look, the default ZARCNAM is still the same powerful weapon its original design hoped to acquire. A compact beast with a magazine that looks almost ridiculous, the weapon is hard-cut and sports a rather bulky shape along much of it. Its barrels are short, thanks to modifications inside allowing it to retain the effect of a longer barrel. The stock point of the weapon is essentially a ring-system, allowing it to be tightened either around a stock or left completely empty to provide a compact weapon. Jutting from the top of the gun's back is a small ammo-counter and a display screen that can quickly be tapped through during combat to check more in-depth statistics on the weapon through a touch screen. Noticeable changes in design, however, are the changes taken to its slide and its mag release in an attempt to make magazine transition a much smoother process to allow rampant shooting.

While the weapon is sold to anyone, its combined heritage from being worked on with NAM and Zen alike has left its default colors a mix of black, green, and gold. When ordering a weapon, however, one can get any color they desire for every part of the gun. Or, of course, one can always order it in the entirely black colors one expects when buying a Zen weapon.

Discharge Information

The ZARCNAM has two barrels built into it, providing two types of discharge.

Primary Barrel Description
Muzzle Flash: Shape and size varies, color is white-orange.
Retort: A harsh, staccato clack sound when firing semi-auto. In bursts, the weapon makes a harsh “Zzkrk” sound, akin to a zipper and a loud clack. When full-auto, it produces a sharp “dak” like clacking.
Projectile/Beam Appearance: N/A
Effective Range Up to 600 meters, based on gun modifications and skill of shooter.
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds per minute (burst), 800 rounds per minute (full-auto)
Recoil: Low to Medium depending on rate of fire.
Secondary Barrel Description
Muzzle Flash: Blue flickers, roughly four inches long that “spill” downward.
Retort: When fired semi-automatically, it sounds like a loud “hokk” followed by a brief hiss of air. When fired in a stream, it has a low-pitched, rapid hum.
Projectile/Beam Appearance: A considerably bright white-blue orb-like shot or a blue stream of plasma.
Effective Range 100 meters in shot form, up to 20 meters in flamethrower form.
Rate of Fire: 20 shots per minute
Recoil: When firing shots, considerable recoil. When projecting/spewing, essentially none.


Although the ZARC utilizes the same bullets from the original ZARC, it makes up for this with a far more powerful yet simple magnetic accelerator in the gun. This allows the ZARC's bullet to be expelled with far more force, as it hits the magnetic accelerator after initial firing to accelerate to even greater heights.

The plasma underbarrel of the ZARCNAM is intended to provide an anti-power armor or obstacle solution. When loaded into the ZARCNAM, it will drain a cell immediately to fill its internal storage, allowing the operator to fit another to essentially “double-mag” the weapon. Useful for attacking power armor that has already been damaged, the gun's major uses are using it in streams to effectively spew plasma within a short radius, effectively allowing the user to melt common footsoldiers. Other uses allow it to melt and slowly erode through walls, providing the user has enough ammo.

Primary Weapon
7.5 x 40 mm Zen AR
Semi-Auto T2
Burst T2
Auto T2
Capacity Either 10 or 30 shots, depending on magazine.
Secondary Weapon
Zen Armaments Plasma Fuel Cell
Mode Damage
Semi-Auto T5
Stream/Continuous T4
Capacity Up to fifteen seconds of continuous flow / 10 shots1)

Weapon Mechanisms

The following charts/tables explain the two mechanisms that the ZARCNAM utilizes…

Primary Weapon
Primary Firing Mechanism Gas-operated, Short-stroke piston
While it still maintains a fairly traditional process one would expect from a short-stroke weapon, the ZARC rids itself of a slide bolt through the usage of parts within. Holding the mag release allows a magazine to fall out or be loaded, while releasing it cycles the weapon's slide back and then forward to ready it for firing. Its slightly lower slide position ensures that this combination allows the still mostly similar receiver to eject, doing so at a slightly lower angle but further outward.
Primary Mode Selector A simple slide-positioned selector above the trigger.
Primary Loading Loading the primary gun only requires the magazine release to be held down, the magazine pushed in, and released.
Secondary Weapon
Secondary Firing Mechanism Electronic Firing
The underbarrel of the ZARCNAM, in contrast, is very simple. When its mode is selected, it utilizes its internal electronics kinetically charged to work in combination with the plasma within its storage tanks. Upon combination the two turn into a rapid-speed projectile or a liquid-like stream. When completely held down, the underbarrel will completely run through its stored amount.
Secondary Loading To refill the plasma underbarrel, one only needs to hold the release button on the cell and shove it into the side of the gun, then release. The cells can be left in or taken out once done transferring the stored amount into the gun.
Secondary Mode Selector A toggle switch on the underbarrel, allowing one to set it to either “Semi” or “Full”, to allow it to fire in either shot or stream-form.
  • Firing Modes: Safety - Underbarrel - Semiautomatic - Burst OR Auto
  • Weapon Sight: While it has sights and short-range scopes, the traditional method of aiming the ZARC is with its two-point ironsights, which utilizes a ring and pin-point method.
  • Attachment Hard Points: The weapon has three technical mounting points through its universal top-sights mount, underbarrel mount, and stock mount. While you can theoretically put most attachments on the weapon, it is recommended to avoid mixing it with weapons too different in size. A fourth attachment can be considered to be the plasma cell, as its grip-like shape allows it to be left in and used as a side-grip.

When ordering a ZARCNAM, it is required to specify which version you want, as the weapon can be made to fire in burst or fully-automatic. If one does not specify, there is no guarantee as to which version Zen will send. Not only that, but Zen also handles a selection of customized ZARC to be purchased at discounts, rather than requiring the buyer to customize it themselves.

A combat rifle-inspired burst variant, promoting a more traditional and capable mid-to-long range weapon.


  • Base Gun: 500 DA
  • Carbine Variant: 550 DA
Replaceable Parts and Components
  • 10-shot Magazines: 20 DA
  • 30-shot Magazines: 50 DA
Optional Attachments
Barrel Attachments Price
Muzzlebrake 10 DA
Compensator 10 DA
Plasma Shot Accelerator 15 DA
Stock Attachments Price
Rail Stock 5 DA
Skeletal Stock 30 DA
Full Stock 40 DA
Sight Attachments Price
Holographic Sight 20 DA
x4 Scope 25 DA
x8 Scope 40 DA
Underbarrel Attachments Price
Angled Grip 15 DA
Bi-pod 10 DA
Ammo Price Quickchart
7.5 x 40 mm Zen AR Price
50 Rounds 20 DA
100 Rounds 40 DA
270 Rounds 65 DA
Zen Armaments Plasma Fuel Cell Price
Single Cell 50 DA
Double-length Cell 75 DA

OOC Notes

The ZARCNAM was created with the use of many references to inspire and help guide the intended image of it. This, of course, includes the original ZARC created by Arieg as one of its prime sources of stylistic appearance.

created this article on 2017/08/23 09:01 at the request of Legix.

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: rifles
Product NameZen Automatic Rifle Compact Type 39
ManufacturerZen Armaments
Year ReleasedYE 39
Price (KS)250.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 5
potentially doubled if it gets loaded and a new cell gets plugged into the weapon

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