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Ze-J1 "Jimmy" Combat Robot

The Ze-J1 โ€œJimmyโ€ is a low-cost combat droid manufactured by Zen Armaments to supplement the Nepleslia's Red Fleet, first manufactured in YE 28.

The Jimmy is a twiggy humanoid robot with an armored chest plate that has much of its machinery showing on its lower body. Ze-J1 droids are built on steel alloy skeletons and their chestplate and faceplate are made of fullerine. They're slightly stronger and faster than the average Nepleslian or Human. Its head has a slightly V shaped eyepiece that conceals its optical system.

The Jimmy possesses a somewhat rudimentary intelligence, focused on basic infantry tactics. They can't really carry on a conversation, but they can follow orders; they communicate by audio or via radio. The Jimmy almost always carries a rifle. Jimmy robots currently ship with a Zen Armaments 10mm Submachine Pistol, but can utilize any weapon a human can hold.

The Ze-J1 is battery powered. It can operate at full capacity for up to 48 hours. A hydrogen fuel cell system (an optional part not all Ze-J1 droids have) can extend their operation to two weeks. They aren't power intensive machines.

The robots were mass-produced on Kennewes and Rufusland. There were hundreds of thousands made.

Cost: 250 KS each. Available through the black market.


These are fairly generic battle droids, kind of like the common ones in the newer Star Wars โ„ข movies. They're not super tough - basically something for the PCs to fight, where large numbers of them wouldn't be necessarily ultra-fatal.

Authored and approved by Wes on Match 2, 2007 1)

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