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Ze-J2 "Steve" Combat Robot

The J2 series combat humanoid robot is an inexpensive combat robot produced by Zen Armaments beginning in the third quarter of YE 31. It is essentially an updated version of the Ze-J1 "Jimmy" Combat Robot.

Ze-J2 robots are built on steel alloy skeletons with fullerine armor coating. They're about twice as strong and fast than the average Nepleslian or Human. Their heads have an evil-looking expression and two glowing red-orange eyes. They feature wheels on their feet that allow them to reach speeds of up to 112 kph (70mph).

The β€œSteve” possesses a somewhat rudimentary intelligence, focused on basic infantry tactics. They can't really carry on a conversation, but they can follow orders; they communicate by audio or via radio. J2 robots currently ship with a Zen Armaments 10mm Submachine Pistol (Tier 1, Light Anti-Personnel), but can utilize any weapon a human can hold.

Like the Ze-J1, the Ze-J2 is battery powered. It can operate at full capacity for up to 72 hours. A hydrogen fuel cell system (an optional part not all Ze-J1 androids have) can extend their operation to two weeks. They aren't power intensive machines.

The robots are mass-produced on Rufusland for use by the Nepleslian Reds.

Cost: 500 KS each.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Armor: 5 SP (personnel scale)
  • No shields
Products & Items Database
Price (KS)500.00 KS
Mass (kg)70 kg

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