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Zen Armaments 'Little Killer'

The “Little Killer” is a concealable laser pistol made by Zen Armaments.

Price: 100 KS (new)


Dangerous, but not exceedingly so. It's a good holdout pistol, easy to draw quickly, effective in short-range engagements. Has been eclipsed by the better-designed Type 29 NSP, but its sales are better as it is simply so damn cheap! If you want an unregistered weapon, this is probably your best bet – just buy it from the right guy.

Damage Rating (Version 3): Tier 1


Type: Pulse laser Class: Pistol Sub-class: Holdout pistol Model: LK Sub-model: N/A Dimensions: 99.3 x 69.9 x 23 mm Mass: 200 g Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic Range: 20 Energy rating: Puts a good scorch mark on a car door. Might burn through it, if close enough.

Capacity: 20 shots with BU-LK.

Controls: Safety on left side above trigger.

Additions: None.

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