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The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire

The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire is a breakaway faction dedicated to rebuilding Elysian society after the losses suffered during the Elysian Wars. It is an independent entity from the Elysian Celestial Empire.

4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire
Capital: 000-604
Official Language: Seraphim
Government: Managed Democracy
Founding: YE 18
Territory: 1 star system
Population: ~500 million
Demographics: ~1 Patrician per 10,000 others


From their perspective, the first Elysian empire was driven off of Planet Yamatai. The second empire on Elysian Celestial Empire did not fare much better, again facing humiliation at the hands of the Yamatai Star Empire. The move to new Elysia ended up seeing that Elysian empire absorbed by Yamatai. The more xenophobic factions blamed the empire's failures on their inability to keep Elysia for Elysians, letting Soul-Transfer technology slip away, retreating from Yamatai instead of maintaining their position as the paragons of technological development.

The new empire intends to fix those mistakes, and though its senate is made up of groups with various agendas they all lean toward a xenophobic or nationalistic mindset. A new Elysia for Elysians, strong enough to defend itself from outside threats, capable of developing its own technological and industrial base independent of the rest of the universe.

Many within the empire believe that it is an Elysian's duty to further their species, and return then to their position as leaders and shapers of events in the galaxy.



The territory of the 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire consists of a single star-system:


The history of much of the Elysian Celestial Empire and its people is lost to myth and legend - the Elysians are firm believers of their eternal prominence and supremacy and their historic records are highly biased in this regard. However their reliable history begins with 'Elysia' consisting of great floating cities over the surface of Planet Yamatai. In the decades to come Elysians would lose their homeworld twice. This would lead up to the more xenophobic factions of Elysia losing power, and the Elysian government submitting to Yamatai in YE 31.

Rather than live under their old enemy, those that would eventually form the 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire would leave. This small group would choose to settle in a system that was named Purgatory, and given the area designation 000-604 on Elysian maps to signify their new starting point.

However, starting over in a new star system with no habitable worlds is not easy. Low quality slaves who could not read and write were a liability. Worse yet Elysians had constantly been humiliated by lesser species developing better technology, outmaneuvering, and out thinking Elysia's best. The solution presented was to make ST copies of the best of the best, and 'adjust' that ST information to create subservient individuals. Elysian Patriarchs found themselves able to call up as many brilliant scientist, engineers, or artisans as they needed so long as these copies were not true Elysians. Their society's taboo on abusing ST tech was cautiously sidestepped by this agreement.

By YE 37 The Elysians had rebuilt a new fortress-home. One their senate proclaimed would stand for all time. But the question still remained on what to do next. Their chosen area out in the Western Kikyo sector was starting to be encroached upon by the NMX. Fringe Human colonies were also starting to appear on the fringes of their space. It was originally thought that their Grand Fleet would be sufficient to hold these threats at bay, and human colonies that got too close were brought under control by Elysians declaring their star systems off-limits to all starships, leaving the colonies their planetary holdings.

By YE 39 the Rixxikor and Uso's Star Organization had also appeared on the scene, stretching the Grand Fleet to its limits. The senate proclaimed a bold new expansion plan, and redoubled its efforts to build military forces.


The Fourth Great Elysian Celestial Empire is a managed representative democracy. The senate holds 100 seats, and holds a vote every year to determine proportional representation. Those elected must gather more than 1% of the vote to be allocated a seat, and individuals receiving more than 1% of the vote can be allotted additional seats, meaning the Elysian senate is often made up of only a dozen or so individuals total.

Only true Elysians can vote, and it is up to the senate to determine what constitutes a true Elysian. There has been much debate over what this actually means, and so far this extends only to Elysians who were naturally born AND came with the original Elysians that left. This subtle distinction intentionally removes Elysians who have been brought back using ST backups from voting largely to prevent someone creating hundreds of copies of themselves to rig the vote.

As of YE 39 the major split in the Elysian government is how to deal with the human colonies populating the nearby space. With policies ranging from destruction, to inclusion as vassal-states, to partnership.

Culture and Conventions

The 4th Great Elysian empire draws its population largely from the extremists in the Elysian population from towards the end of the last Elysian empire. This has resulted in some major cultural shifts in the empire. The new Elysian empire is conspicuously silent on matters of religion and have grown far more secular.


Elysian construction tends to try and emphasize Elysian superiority. This usually leads to larger than normal structures, larger open spaces, increased use of vertical space, and heavy use of bright white areas often decorate with colors from outside the visible spectrum. These special patterns are largely only visible to patriarchs who have had upgrades built into their bodies or the seraphs that serve them.


The Elysians pride aesthetics, however largely due to the concerns of building a new society from scratch the extravagant artworks of the past started to be viewed as a waste of resources. Art is still highly prized, however the composition of the art has changed considerably. Artist tend to shy away from extravagant colors or exotic materials. The current trend has developed towards use of white space, carving, and creative use of what already exists in the area. There has also been an increasing trend towards using texturing to develop the impression of color instead of pigments, as well as use of colors from outside of the visible spectrum which generates pleasing art, but only for individuals with the sensory organs to view it which can further reinforce Elysian superiority over more natural organisms.


Elysians are destined to be great leaders, scientists, and innovators. As their society is designed around passing off 'lesser' tasks to the underclass, true Elysians are expected to be outstanding. As such an emphasis on education and training is supported by simply creating tutors and teachers as needed for each individual Elysian.

Family Life

The family is a major part of the day to day life for Elysians and even among this group that has not changed. Not only is the family name and reputation important in nearly every aspect of their life, but the families themselves tend to be rather large and close-knit, with a definite tendency towards a family first attitude. While the norm still trends towards a patrimonial head of the family, with the women usually joining the man's family, rather than the reverse, there are a goodly number of female heads of household, many of whom are well respected among the general population.

Soul Transfer Technology and Society

The sanctity of an Elysian's soul is still viewed as incredibly important in Elysian society. There are numerous strict safeguards and laws protecting Elysians' ST copies, ensuring that a living Elysian does not have any duplicates running around and that their ST data remains unaltered.

There are, however, no safeguards in place for ST data for individuals who are not Elysian.

The breaking of the taboo regarding ST technology has become the main engine running Elysian society. This has allowed them to create a new underclass of individuals created from duplicating ST data of other species, and then making changes to that data. These new beings are treated like robots and can be duplicated or discarded as needed.

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