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Assault Legion

Motto: Drop'em, Pop'em, Rock'em.
Active Personnel: N/A
Reserve Personnel: 8.04 million

Unlike the other military branches of the Abwehran Armed Forces, the Assault Legion is a military branch dedicated towards offensive operations rather than defensive. The major goal of the Assault Legion is planetary invasion during times of war. Because of this, the Assault Legion is permanently placed on Reserve duty or funneled into the Foreign Service until the Abwehran Star Empire declares war.

Basic Information

Basic Organization

Permanent Formations

  • 1st Legion - Death Corp 1)
  • 2nd Legion
  • 3rd Legion
  • 4th Legion

Ranking and Pay

DN Rank Pay
O11 Generaloberst 5000C
O10 General 4500C
O9 Generalleutnant 4000C
O8 Generalmajor 3000C
O6 Oberst 2500C
O5 Oberstleutnant 2000C
O4 Major 1500C
O3 Hauptmann 1400C
O2 Oberleutnant 1300C
O1 Leutnant 1200C
O0 Kadett 0C
Warrant Officer
DN Rank Pay
W2 Oberstabsfeldwebel 1350C
W1 Stabsfeldwebel 1200 C
DN Rank Pay
E6 Befel-legionär 1100 C
E5 Meisterhauptlegionär 900 C
E4 Alterhauptlegionär 600C
E3 Hauptlegionär 300C
E2 Oberlegionär 150C
E1 Unterlegionär 75C
E0 Neuelegionär 0C

Character Creation

Currently available for Roleplay only in the Foreign Service.

Starting the Process

For soldiers in the Abwehran Assault Legion, players must begin in the CCG. While the Assault Legion is primarily Abwehran, it does allow other species under the Immigration Act of AF 260.

To determine skills for a player character, a player must choose a character's occupation. For basic information on Abwehran Military Training, please read Abwehran Military Training and Skills. Basic Military skills can be found at the bottom of the page linked. Occupational based skills can be found in the Occupations section of this page.

Abwehran characters have their own timeline of past events to create more detailed background and are encouraged to have background detailing family relations and events from their past. Please keep it realistic towards your character concept though, since Abwehrans have never had a planetary invasion force.


Landwehr - Infantry Corp

Making up the Bulk of the Assault Legion, the Landwehr's Infantry Corp is comprised of both light and heavy infantry.

While they operate more in a support role for the Weltraumflotte, Armor Operators serve a different purpose in the Assault Legion. With the power of a tank in a smaller package, Powered Armor can be dropped deep into enemy territory to execute strikes upon strategically important facilities.

Many of the Occupations in the Infantry Corp, on the other hand, are very similar to their counterparts in the Weltraumflotte. These Occupations include: Combat Engineer, Group Leader, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Medic2), Marksman, and Rifleman.

Occupation Required Skills Required Level of Player
Armor Operator Fighting (Powered Armor) Standard
Combat Engineer Demolitions (Explosives), Engineering (Problem Solving) Standard
Group Leader Military (Tactics) Veteran
Heavy Weapons Specialist Fighting (Heavy Weapons), Demolitions (Explosives) Standard
Marksman Fighting (Long-range Marksmanship), Military (Stealth and Camouflage) Standard
Medic Medical (Emergency First Aid) Standard
Rifleman N/A Standard

Landwehr - Armor Corp

The Hammer of the Assault Legion, the Armor Corp are the Tanks and Mechs of the Landwehr.

The Armor Pilot is the bread and butter of the Armor Corp. Responsible for the directing of any armor unit he specializes in, the Armor Pilots are highly skilled individuals.

Manning the weapons systems, the Gunner is the offensive mastermind behind Abwehran Armored Units.

Unit Commander are a rare occupation in the Armor Corp. Found only in Large Tanks, the Unit Commander acts as leader of groups of Tanks or Mechs. In armored units with crews limited to two, the Unit Commander can be found doubling as the Armor Pilot of the lead unit.

Occupation Required Skills Required Level of Player
Armor Pilot Vehicle(Tank or Mech) Standard
Gunner Tech Ops (Armor Weaponry) Standard
Unit Commander Vehicle(Tank or Mech), Military (Tactic) Veteran


Much like the Luftwaffe from the Schirmherrschaft and the Aerospace Corp from the Weltraumflotte, the Assault Legion's Luftwaffe are charged with providing close-air support for the Landwehr and execute precision strikes upon enemy targets.

The Pilot and Group Leaders act exactly the same way as they do from their Schirmherrschaft and Weltraumflotte counterparts.

Occupation Required Skills Required Level of Player
Pilots Vehicles (Aerospace Craft) Standard
Group Leaders Military (Tactics) Veteran
being formed
the Assault Legion version of Corpsman

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