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The Abwehran Imperial Government

The Abwehran Star Empire is a constitutional monarchy forged in the fires of battle and tempered in the cradle known as Jaspis.

Basic Information

Type of Government Constitutional Monarchy
Distribution of Power Federal
Participation Representative Democracy
Control Presidential (Monarch)
Seat of Power Großartige Festung, Abwehr, Jaspis System

Political Parties

There are many political parties in the Abwehran Star Empire, but four of these parties have assumed an uneasy balance of power.

Abwehran Constitutional Party An off-shoot of more conservative members of the Progressive Party, they believe in the strict enforcement of the constitution.
Abwehran Conservative Party Formerly individuals who favored the old fascist government, the Conservative Party has an isolationist stance on interstellar politics
Abwehran Labor Party Another Progressive Party off-shoot, the Labor Party solely focuses on domestic issues and often avoids those of interstellar importance.
Abwehran Progressive Party The largest political party in the government, the Progressive Party was once created in order to speed up the transition from fascism to the current form of the Abwehran Star Empire.
Abwehran Independent Parties These are the politicians and people who don't support any of the four parties. More often than not, they are a collection of extremeists or those overshadowed by others.

Branch of Government

Three branches of government are responsible for running the Abwehran Star Empire. They are supposed to balance each other out, but normally vie for control.

Abwehran Executive Comprised of the Imperial Family and Cabinet.
Abwehran Legislative A bi-cameral organization where most of the political intrigue occurs.
Abwehran Judicial Interpreters of the Constitution and upholders of Law.

Constitution and Law

The basis of order in the Abwehran Star Empire.

Imperial Constitution of the Abwehran Star Empire The founding document of the Abwehran Star Empire
Abwehran Philosophy on Law An Abwehran look into Law Enforcement.

Interstellar Politics

Information dealing with how the Abwehran Star Empire acts with and around other nations.

Abwehran Interstellar Outlook Information on how the Abwehran populace1) feel towards other nations.
Abwehran Contracts and Treaties A collection of contracts, pacts, and treaties with other governments and independent organizations.
Abwehran Expansion Doctrine An established set of rules and regulations on the Abwehran Star Empire's rate and method of expansion.

Domestic Politics

Information dealing with how the Abwehran Star Empire affects its citizens and independent worlds within its territory.

Abwehran Government Budget Information on where the government spends its Credits.
Governments in Sphere of ASE Influence Governments of Colony / Member Systems.
Abwehran Imperial Territory A list of Systems under the sphere of the Abwehran Star Empire's Influence.
Abwehran Taxes The codified Abwehran Tax Code.
Government-provided Services A collection of services the Imperial Government has to aid their citizens.
imperial_census Data on the population of the Abwehran Star Empire.
Internal Outlook Information on how the Abwehran populace feels about political parties, religious groups, etc.
those that have been polled

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