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Motto: From the Shadows We Strike.
Active Personnel: 25,000
Reserve Personnel: None

The Nachrichtendienst, or Intelligence, is the primary information gathering and black ops branch of the Military Forces. Little information can be given out about this branch of the government due to the fact that they are always handling vital information of some type or another. These men are some of the most loyal in the Empire and have even been trained to commit suicide to keep intelligence information out of the hands of others.

Most of the logistics is handled by other branches of the military, freeing personnel for more important operations and analysis. But this also makes the Nachrichtendienst rely more on the other branches. In return, both of the other branches rely heavily on the Nachrichtendienst and creates a mutual relationship necessary to work well enough.

Basic Organization

The following sections detail operations of the Nachrichtendienst.

Table of Operations

The Nachrichtendienst is divided into a number of Departments that are coded via color and operate in a specific field.

Department Personnel Description
White 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Domestic Threats.
Red 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Yamatai Star Empire.
Green 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.
Orange 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Sfrarabla Nougpift.
Indigo 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Freespacers.
Blue 0 No longer in use for the time being
Yellow 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.
Violet 3000 Analysis and Field Work involving Lorath Matriarchy.
Black 1000 Analysis and Field Work involving Defunct, Minor, and Emerging Factions/Threats.

Ranking and Pay

Every member of the Nachrichtendienst is considered and officer in order to facilitate cooperation from members of the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF) and to state their level of authority.

Designation Rank Pay
O9 Vertreter 9000 C
O8 Stabsfeldagens 8000 C
O7 Oberfeldagens 7000 C
O6 Feldagens 6000 C
O5 Unterfeldagens 5000 C
O4 Stabsagens 3500 C
O3 Oberagens 3000 C
O2 Agens 2500 C
O1 Unteragens 2000 C
O0 Neueagens 0 C

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