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Motto: “Tyrants Fall Before Us”
Active Personnel: 000.00
Reserve Personnel1): 000.00

The Space Forces of the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF), the Weltraumflotte is dedicated towards the defense of the Home System and Colonies of the Abwehran Star Empire. With its Space Force patrolling the Empire's Territory and its Marine Corp provided security on board civilian space station, the Imperial Weltraumflotte is the place with the most action.

The majority of the Weltraumflotte's duty revolves around commerce protection and customs. This means the Weltraumflotte is also the first people to meet foreigners and immigrants. It is also responsible for the exploration of the Empire's Expansion Area and the First Contact other civilizations have with the Abwehran people. Because of this, the Weltraumflotte has the highest public profile of the Abwehran Armed Forces.

But even with all the policing and exploration duty, the Imperial Weltraumflotte is primarily a military organization. Trained the Space Combat, its Space Force is dedicated to the protection of the Empire and its people from any space-borne threat. While primarily a security force, its Marine Corp are always the first infantrymen in the action. Whether capturing pirate vessels or creating beach heads for invading planetary infantry, the Weltraumflotte Marine Corp are the Abwehran's most feared and dedicated infantry.

Basic Organization

The following sections detail the organization of the Weltraumflotte and their personnel.

Table of Operations

Unit Designation Unofficial Name Station
Ersteflotte Home Fleet Weltraumflotte Headquarters, Jaspis

Fleet Organization

The Fleet portion of the Weltraumflotte requires a lot of man power to run efficiently in comparison to more advanced national space forces. Because of this, they have a more formal shipboard administration and stricter fleet organization in comparison.

Total Fleet Complement
Personnel 6,309,880
Warships 1626
Logistics Vessels 1900
Moon Bases 300
Perimeter Stations 250
Military Outposts 10
1x Command Core 14 Vessels 5650 Personnel
Vessel/Unit Total Warships/Logistics Approximate Personnel
1 Command Ship 1800
Escort Squadron 13 3850
1x Carrier Group per System2) 900 Vessels 724,500 Personnel3)
Vessel/Unit Total Warships/Logistics Approximate Personnel
Carrier Squadron 3 15,000
Escort Carrier Squadron 6 18,000
2x Cruiser Squadrons 20 26,000
3x Escort Squadrons 39 11,550
2x Customs Squadrons 22 1900
5x Battle Group 4) 520 Vessels 403,750 Personnel5)
Vessel/Unit Total Warships/Logistics Approximate Personnel
Battleship Squadron 3 10,500
Battlecruiser Squadron 6 12,000
3x Cruiser Squadrons 30 39,000
3x Escort Squadrons 39 11,550
2x Raider Squadrons 26 7700
Light Warship Pool 124 Vessels 60,800 Personnel
Vessel Total Warships Approximate Personnel
Cruisers6) 20 30,000
Command Destroyers 8 2000
Escort Destroyers 32 6400
Patrol Carriers 32 16,000
Raiders 32 6400
Capital Ship Pool 24 Vessels 60,000 Personnel
Vessel Total Warships Approximate Personnel
Escort Carriers 12 36,000
Battlecruisers 12 24,000
Logistics Pool 1900 Vessels 145,000 Personnel
Vessel Total Vessels Approximate Personnel
Small Transports 500 25,000
In-System Freighters 500 5000
Fleet Tenders 250 50,000
Bulk Freighters 250 25,000
Legion Transports 400 40,000
Special Operations Pool 45 Vessels 33,800 Personnel
Vessel Total Vessels Approximate Personnel
Scouts 20 3600
Dreadnoughts 5 30,000
Black Ops. 20 200
Stationary Assets 560 Orbitals/Bases 4,876,380 Personnel
Vessel Total Vessels/Facilities Approximate Personnel
Military Outposts 107) 1,728,380
Perimeter Stations 2508) 148,000
Moon-Based Facilities 3009) 3,000,000

Marine Corp Organization

Due to the restrictions of space vessels, the Marine Corp of the Weltraumflotte does not have any units larger than a Battalion.

Combined Forces
Unit Composition Total Personnel
Battalion 1 O4, 5 Staff, 1 E6, 1 Color Oberbootsmann, 10 Clerks, 1 Doctor10), 5 Corpmen, 3 Light Infantry Companies, 1 Heavy Infantry Company 552
Heavy Infantry
Unit Composition Total Personnel
Company 1 O3, 4 Staff, 1 E6, 3 Clerks, 3 Platoons 99
Platoon 1 O1-O2, 1 E5, 1 Clerk, 3 Squads 30
Squad 1 E4, 2 E3, 6 Heavy Weapon Specialists 9
Light Infantry
Unit Composition Total Personnel
Company 1 O3, 4 Staff, 1E6, 3 Clerks, 2 Corpmen, 3 Platoons 140
Platoon 1 O1-O2, 1 E5, 1 Clerk, 2 Corpmen, 3 Squads 43
Squad 1 E4, 2 E3, 6 Riflemen, 2 Snipers, 1 Combat Engineer, 1 Heavy Weapons Specialist 13

Strike Craft Organization

Unlike the other Branches, the Wing Unit type for the Weltraumflotte is variable in nature due to the complement a Carrier can transport. Thus, only Squadrons are listed as permanent units. Also SEE: Overall Strike Craft Organization.

Ranking and Pay Scale

Commissioned Officer
DN Rank Insignia Monthly Pay
O9 Admiral (Abwehran) 09.jpg 10,000 C
O8 Vizeadmiral 08.jpg 9000 C
O7 Konteradmiral 07.jpg 8000 C
O6 Kommodore 06.jpg 7000 C
O5 Hauptmann 05.jpg 6000 C
O4 Befehlshaber 04.jpg 5000 C
O3 Oberleutnant 03.jpg 4000 C
O2 Leutnant 02.jpg 3000 C
O1 Fähnrich 01.jpg 2000 C
O0 Oberfähnrich N/A 1000 C
Warrant Officer
DN Rank Insignia Monthly Pay
W2 Oberstabsfeldwebel w2.jpg 5000 C
W1 Stabsfeldwebel w1.jpg 4000 C

Note On Abwehran Warrant Officers

DN Rank Insignia Monthly Pay
E6 Stabsbootsmann e6.jpg 3500 C
E5 Hauptbootsmann e5.jpg 3000 C
E4 Oberbootsmann e4.jpg 2500 C
E3 Bootsmann e3.jpg 2000 C
E2 Obermaat e2.jpg 1500 C
E1 Maat e1.jpg 1000 C
E0 Neuemaat N/A 500 C

Tactical Doctrines

A collection of doctrines, tactics, and strategies used by the Weltraumflotte.

Space Force Doctrines

Marine Corp Doctrines

Supporting Articles

  • Weltraumflotte CCG Page
Some Reservists Serve in the Foreign Service
max 10 per Fleet
72,450 per Group
max 1 during Peace Time
80,750 per Group
For Independent Command
1 per system
25 per system
Max 3 per moons up to a maximum of 30 per system
on loan from Naval Unit

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