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A analgesic made from ground up Leidplitz spores, Qualen comes in two forms: an injection and a pill. The pill form of Qualen is the lowest potency and sold over the counter in pharmacies. The injection form is a stronger form diluted in a saline solution and is used in hospitals and military medical kits.

Qualen in its pill form has very few side effects because of its low potency, which includes numbness of tongue and a euphoria1). Injection forms of Qualen are actually highly addictive, but are regulated by hospital/medical personnel. Side effects of the Injection form are numbness of extremities, extreme euphoria, and vomiting2).

Qualen has been in use since the Great Conflict era, when it was often consumed in tea to soothe pain. An improved formula of Qualen was developed in the Second Quarter of AF 260 (YE 32) making it more effective in smaller doses.

Suggested price

  • Pill Container (30): 10 Credits
  • Injection Vial (5): 50 Credits
only if close to over-dose levels
only if close to Over-dose levels

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