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Starkwerk Touchcomputer

The Starkwerk Touchcomputer was designed by Dietrich Starkwerk in the Second Quarter of AF 2601) and was an attempt to break into the Electronics market to compete with other native companies.

About the Design

The Starkwerk Touchcomputer is a simple tablet computer one may manipulate with their hands or with a stylus that comes with purchase. It is meant to compete with the common palm computers found with almost every contemporary Abwehran. The computer has more space, ran faster, and fielded (at the time) a tougher security system than its other civilian peers at the time of its design.

It is made of common steel and regular computer components.


A large tablet with a screen about as large as a typical college-ruled piece of paper, the outside casing comes in a wide variety of different colors including red, blue, black, yellow and more. It also comes in glow-in-the-dark casings of all primary colors. The screen is able to display in the full range of vision of the typical Surfacer with the option of dimmer screens for Nightwalkers.

It also comes with a small pack that protects it when not in use. The pack comes in the size of the computer, and may come in any color but always sports a Dietrich Starkwerk logo on the flap.

General Information

Designer: Dietrich Starkwerk Manufacturer: Dietrich Starkwerk Thickness: 1 Inch Cost: 2000 AC Repair Cost: 50 - 100 AC

The Design

The Starkwerk Touchcomputer has a range of features.

Hard Disk Space: 1 Terrabyte. Processor: 8 GHz in a Single Core Features:

  • Access to WAN
  • Access to LAN (extendable connection cable)
  • Universal OS Compatibility
  • Gaming
  • Administrative programs (Writing, list taking, schedulers, etc.)
  • Art (Draw directly onto the screen!)
  • Mobile (Battery lasts 48 Hours!)
  • Also comes with a black strap to hang from your shoulder!
  • Repair or Replace Parts at any DSW electronics store!
  • Air-Cooled via intake vents and fans!
  • And more!

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