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Great Conflict Era

:!: WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

The first recorded Era of Abwehran History, the Great Conflict Era was not the beginning of Abwehran civilization. Instead, it was a time after a great upheaval. Two superpowers rose to power and decimated the recorded histories of civilizations before. So great was the hunt for these historic texts that modern day Abwehrans can only find ruins to this day and nothing about the civilizations other than that. Because the Great Conflict Era was such a long Era, it was further divided into Ages for better recording.

Formation Age

The Formation Age was the time where both the Oberflache Reich and Unterwelt Reich decimated the remanants of past cultures and solidified their own power. During this time frame, only two wars were prosecuted against one another. This events happened between the times of 00 GC and 46 GC (2962 and 2802 years before the Yamatai Star Empire).

Important Events of the Age

  • 00 GC - Formed from the remains of many conquered civilizations, the Oberflache Reich and Unterwelt Reich begin their reign. In order to solidify their power and culture, they begin a long process of destroying any records of other civilizations and cultures.
  • 23 GC - Twenty-three years after their formation, both Queendoms discover one another. The Surfacers of the Oberflache Reich flee in fear of the Nightwalkers of the Unterwelt Reich, claiming that those from underground were Daemons.
  • 24 GC - The Oberflache Reiche declares the Nightwalkers to be purged, thus beginning the First War.
  • 25 GC - In the first of many brutal battles, the Battle of Hölletor ended in a rout for the Oberflache Reich as training soldiers of the Unterwelt Reich demonstrated superior tunnel-fighting prowess. However, the following counterattack ended with the Unterwelt retreat back into their caverns due to Oberflache Calvary.
  • 27 GC - A small sect comprised of pacifists from both sides dedicates themselves to objectively recording the history of the Abwehran people. This sect never gave itself a name due to hiding from reprisal, but it is the reason the Abwehran people have such a detailed record of events during the Great Conflict Era.
  • 30 GC - The First Armistice is signed at <insert city name> and signifies the end of the First War.
  • 33 GC - After only three years of peace, a skirmish at the town of Salzdorf ignites emotions of both sides once more. This inevitably plunges both sides into the Second War.
  • 40 GC - The Second Armistice is signed to bring the Second War to an end.
  • 46 GC - An attempt is made on the life of Oberflache Reiche's Heir, Grunhilde.

Brutality Age

An age that lasted from 47 GC to 215 GC (between 2801 and 2204 years before the Yamatai Star Empire), the Brutality Age was a time of near constant warfare that ranged from battles of swords and spears to those of muskets and cannon.

Important Events of the Age

  • 47 GC - The attempted assassination of the Oberflache Reiche's Heir as well as deteriorating diplomatic talks lead to the Third War.
  • 49 GC - <space for End of Third War>
  • 60 GC - <space for beginning of fourth war>
  • 61 GC - <space for end of fourth war>
  • 70 GC - <space for beginning of fifth war>
  • 89 GC - <space for end of fifth war>
  • 94 GC - <space for beginning of first great war>
  • 101 GC - <space for end of first great war>
  • 114 GC - <space for beginning of second great war>
  • 120 GC - <space for end of second great war>
  • 124 GC - <space for beginning of third great war>
  • 128 GC - <space for end of third great war>
  • 131 GC - <space for beginning of fourth great war>
  • 133 GC - <space for end of fourth great war>
  • 136 GC - <space for beginning of fifth great war>
  • 140 GC - <space for end of fifth great war>
  • 144 GC - <space for beginning of sixth great war>
  • 146 GC - <space for end of sixth great war>
  • 149 GC - <space for beginning of seventh great war>
  • 155 GC - <space for end of seventh great war>
  • 159 GC - <space for beginning of eighth great war>
  • 170 GC - <space for end of eighth great war>
  • 177 GC - <space for beginning of ninth great war>
  • 186 GC - <space for end of ninth great war>
  • 190 GC - <space for beginning of tenth great war>
  • 215 GC - With populations dwindling and recession setting in, the First Peace Accord is developed and signed in haste, ending the Tenth Great War and historically signals the Hundred Year Peace.

Calm Age

There is a saying on Abwehr that “Calm is the sky before the Thunder.” This time period between 216 GC and 319 GC (2203 and 1832 years before the Yamatai Star Empire) was filled with more innovation than destruction. However, it all ended with the Brutal War.

Important Events of the Age

  • 216 GC - The official beginning of the Hundred Year Peace.
  • 316 GC - The official and historical end of the Hundred Year Peace, which occurs during the Race Riots of Großartige Festung.
  • 319 GC - Diplomatic talks fail as Großartige Festung becomes a full blown war zone.

Devastation Age

After the Calm Age, the brutality of the Devastation Age came as a great shock to every Abwehran of the time. Between GC 320 and GC 412 (1831 and 1486 years before the Yamatai Star Empire), Abwehrans would see not only the greatest casualty rate of a single war, but also the invention of a weapon so devastating it drove the people of Abwehr towards the destruction of their nations and the movement to a unified, dictatorial government.

Important Events of the Age

  • 320 GC - As Großartige Festung becomes a war zone, both the Oberflache and Unterwelt Reiches declare war upon each other. This signifies the beginning of the Brutal War.
  • 412 GC - With the Verdienstorden movement rising in power, the populace on both sides rise up against the nobility and their military leaders in a bloody rebellion. This also ends the Brutal War, which had resulted in nearly one billion Abwehrans losing their lives over the course of the war.

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