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Abwehran Timeline

Nearly 3000 standard years of recorded history guides the Abwehran people towards the future. Three thousand years of cycles revolving around Warfare and Cultural Innovation that has made the Abwehran people what they are today.

Eras of Abwehran History

Currently, recorded history has been divided into three Eras. Each began and ended with a significant event that changed Abwehran culture at the time.

Great Conflict Era A period of time where two superpowers fought for dominance of Abwehr
After Conflict Era The rise and fall of dictatorial tyranny.
After Freedom Era The rise of the Abwehran Star Empire and current Era.

Abwehran Calender

Known as the Jaspis Calender, the current calender system was actually devised in the Great Conflict Era and has been used by many nations since its creation.

The full Abwehran Year was developed by examining the complex orbits between Jaspis IV, Abwehr, and Jaspis Prime making it 730 Abwehr Days (1460 standard days). Based upon certain phases of orbital alignment, that year is divided into four Quarters (which equal a single standard year). Each Quarter has four seasons, but the differences in Quarters can be felt by planetary phenomena.

Divisions of the Year

  • Year - 4 Quarters [730 Abwehr Days]
  • Quarter - 12 Months [~ 182.5 Abwehr Days]
  • Month - 15 - 16 Abwehr Days
  • Week - 4 Abwehr Days
  • Day - 48 hours

First Quarter

During the First Quarter of the Abwehran Year, seasons trend towards cooler temperatures than normal. This means summers are normally pleasant times of the year and winter months are dreadfully cold. Only increased tectonic plate movement keeps Abwehr habitable during the cooler months, which means increased chance of cave-ins throughout the planet.

First Quarter - Winter
Month Description
Winterlichtür The First Month of the Abwehran Year translates to “Wintry Door” in Trade and symbolizes the beginning of the new year.
Winterkerker The coldest month of the coldest quarter, Winterkerker means “Winter Dungeon”.
Kältetauwetter While still a winter month, Kältetauwetter (or “chill thaw”) is a time of warming climes.
First Quarter - Spring
Month Description
Grünkühlen The first month of the coldest Spring of the Abwehran Year. During this period, the ground is still in permafrost in the higher-temperate, but the lower-temperate regions start becoming more fertile.
Blütezeit Spring is in full bloom at this point, hence why it is called “Bloom Time”.
Aufwärmtagen Although still the coldest quarter of the year, this period notes decent warming up of climates.
First Quarter - Summer
Month Description
Frühwärme The first month of cold summer in the year marks a time of early heat, with sun and wind at an early peak.
Hochschein The middle of summer is marked by substantial heat and lots of sun hours, despite being the coolest summer of the year.
Herbsttür The end of summer brings in lower temperatures and lesser sun, meaning literally “Fall's Door”.
First Quarter - Fall
Month Description
Blätterfall The beginning of first fall is the time in which most trees and plants loose their leaves and fruits, hence the name “Leaves drop”.
Windsturmzeit As per the name, the middle of fall is marked by strong winds and occasional storms.
Winterrückkehr The last month of the first quarter heralds the return of winter, with the first snow at the last days of the month.

Second Quarter

The Second Quarter warms up considerably in comparison to the First Quarter, but the major phenomena during this Quarter tends to be an increased amount of celestial debris in the area of Jaspis IV (such as asteroids and comets). This makes the Second Quarter particularly hazardous to stellar shipping and the Weltraumflotte is placed on high alert.

Second Quarter - Winter
Month Description
Winterlichtkrone The second winter of the year is significantly less than the first quarter, although there tends to be a maximum in snowfall during this period.
Ahnentage The coldest month of the second winter is marked by the annual “Ancestor Remembrance festivals” around Jaspis.
Frühjahrende The last winter month is known for the early blooming of flowers, and the end of winter's cold.
Second Quarter - Spring
Month Description
Grünruckkehr The second spring of the year is known for a wider variety of fertile ground than earlier quarters, and more diversity of plant- and wildlife.
Hochblüh The middle of spring sees nature in full blossom, even more so than first quarter.
Erwärmungzeit Late spring sees temperatures again rise to summer heats, marking the beginning of more sun hours and heat.
Second Quarter - Summer
Month Description
Sonnespitze The second summer of the year is marked with more sun hours and higher temperatures. The first month is also known for the “Midsummer night”, in which there is no darkness in several parts of Jaspis.
Schweifsternzeit The middle of second summer is well known for many cases of meteor showers and asteroid strikes, hence the name “Shooting Star Period”.
Trockenhalt The end of the second summer gives way to relatively mild temperatures, but a drastic increase in rainfall. The skies are almost constantly cloudy and the mornings are marked with thick mists and lights showers.
Second Quarter - Fall
Month Description
Wasserblätter The second Fall creates conditions in which rain is so common that the first month is named after the “Water Leaves” phenomena - in which rain dripping from trees and the shedding of their foliage become intertwined to create a shimmering “dance”. During this first month, rain is common, but infrequently paced and many days can see dozens of showers occur.
Flusslaufzeit The second month of the second Fall rain becomes an almost constant, steady state of weather. The waterfall per day is much higher than the previous month and flooding becomes a serious concern.
Stürmetod In the final month of the second quarter the weather shifts from a constant downpour to less frequent, but extremely violent thunderstorms. Some of these storms can persist for days at a time and their can be serious risks to the lives of people caught unprotected within them. Despite this hazardous nature, the storms are easy to track and do not surge unpredictably.

Third Quarter

While seasons are considered at their hottest during the Third Quarter, Abwehr still remains cooler than many inhabitable planets. However, the Third Quarter normally signals what is known as the Times of Pestilience. During the Third Quarter, there is normally an increase in illness among the Abwehran population as seasons become more extreme and bacteria seems rampant. Non-Abwehrans are normally advised to be immunized or spend more time off Abwehr than anything else.

Third Quarter - Winter
Month Description
Reinigungzeit The coldest, first month of the Third Quarter's winter. The Reinigungzeit is considered a time to fix and tidy things up from the storms of the last quarter and to prepare for the potential problems of the months that follow. It is a time with considerable ice build up due to the water of the rainy period being quickly frozen.
Kaltschmelze The second month of winter brings an early thaw and a sharp turn in temperatures. The melt is heavily monitored and directed to prevent floods from reoccurring.
Krankvater Temperatures raise even more to the point where the end of the month has more in common with a late spring at other points in the year than winter. The quick shift in weather and a rise in humidity is harsh on many and the month is considered a “disease father” in which many see a lowering of their immune systems. The use of pharmaceutical boosters is highly encouraged.
Third Quarter - Spring
Month Description
Arztgarten The full bloom and spring along with continued humidity and heat lead to a combination of natural irritants and environmental conditions to cultivate sickness. Doctors are in high demand during this time and, in the modern day, it is not uncommon to take a vacation off planet.
Trockenblume The month of the “dry flower”, the second month of spring in the Third Quarter, sees the humidity drop quickly. If the month comes on too harshly it can kill of much of the beauty and bloom of the spring.
Langsamtage The final month of spring is dry and hot with clear skies and little wind. Despite this, the month is considered thoroughly enjoyable because as long as it lasts summer has not come yet.
Third Quarter - Summer
Month Description
Hitzekerker The “heat dungeon” of Abwehr's third quarter. The summer's first month is by far the hottest the planet reaches at anytime. The temperature reaches levels high enough that in older times it was said to “break a sweat on a demon's back” or be hot enough to influence the Nightwalker's subterranean cities.
Sommertanzen The second month of summer in the third quarter is considered to be a “dance” with a particularly awful partner. You sweat, you stumble, and it all goes on for far too long for anyone to find comfortable. The month's name is also influenced by the fact that the stifling heat has often been tried to have been made more bearable by filling the houses and streets with music.
Vergessenzeit The final month of summer sees the weather curb its violent tendencies and turn quiet and mild. It is a month of open celebration as it was often the case if you made it as far as Vergessenzeit then you would easily live another year.
Third Quarter - Fall
Month Description
Arztschlaf Fall opens with a month of rest - one for all in specific, but specifically a real rest to the doctors of the Abwehran people. It is considered a productive time and it is often laughed about that more work is achieved in this single month than all of the rest of the quarter.
Erinnerungtage The second month of Fall is a solemn time. All the dead of the year as it has progressed so far are remembered and many, small, private funerary rituals are enacted both inside and out of the home.
Sonneschlaf The final month of the third quarter. Still somewhat seasonably warm, the end of this month sees temperatures drop quickly - often to a degree that many consider the last week to be an early start to the coming winter. The final day of the month is always the first day that Abwehr is plunged into complete darkness due to its orbit with Jaspis IV.

Fourth Quarter

As the seasons start to trend towards cooler temperatures once more, Abwehrans find more darkness in the Fourth Quarter than any other Quarter. During this time, the orbit of Abwehr around Jaspis IV plunges the terrestrial moon into week-long periods of darkness.

Fourth Quarter - Winter
Month Description
Rückkehrzeit description
Blendungtage description
Eisbauenzeit description
Fourth Quarter - Spring
Month Description
Schattenblühen description
Ruhigfrühling description
Blumenächte description
Fourth Quarter - Summer
Month Description
Geistfrühling description
Arbeittage description
Zuerstherbst description
Fourth Quarter - Fall
Month Description
Zweiteherbst description
Frostblühen description
Schneesonnezeit description


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