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Azorean Commonwealth

The Azorean government is commonly referred to as the Commonwealth. It unites the citystates under a federal government disguised as a republic (see Federal Republic). Azorean political leaders, usually highly respected elders or adults of profound charisma, in each citystate compete to be elected for a 5-year period as the representative of their citystate. After completing their terms, they can try to get re-elected as many times as they physically can. Three representatives, known as a judges, are elected from each citystate for every term. The judges then meet at Edel to discuss matters of state and community. Edel was chosen as the meeting location because of the fact that the first viceroy (head of the senate) and founder of the Commonwealth, Reterk, was a denizen of Edel. Viceroys are chosen from one of the judges. A judge must be nominated by at least two other judges for the position. If more then one judge is elected, then the judges will be asked questions to find out which one is more likely to be more beneficial to both the Commonwealth and its people. If a stalemate occurs, which is rare, then the last viceroy that still lives will decide on which candidate will become the new viceroy. The Azorean Naval Legion was formed in CC 37 (YE 32) as a stable Azorean military force.


The Azorean flag is a symbol of the unity of the commonwealth. The Light Blue center and Navy Blue edges stand for the ocean from shallow to deep respectively. The white star in the center is a metaphor for the Edel citystate; while the seventeen black stars in a circle are the other citystates. More stars will be added as more citystates are founded. May the goddesses eternally keep the currents flowing past this flag…


Azorean currency is known as neera (single: neer / abbreviation: NA). Most citystates have their own set currency, but neera are officially accepted as trade currency between the citystates. The Physical form of neera are thin chips made out of a mixture of durandium alloy, a bit of gold, and a coral extract. These chips are fairly durable and rarely rust at any point in their 'lives'. A neer can be easily transferred into local currency, but the relation towards foreign money is 1 KS to 4 NA and 1 DA to 8 NA. “NA” stands for “Neera Apsolvum”. It has no direct translation, but “Neera” and “Apsolvum” are the name of the Azoreans who invented this currency system.


Due to the increased need for organization among certain personnel, the Commonwealth Parliament ordered the formation of ranks like never before. The Viceroy take precedence as an admiral or supreme commander. Judges have no direct power over the 'military', but can request a change to occur, which will be voted upon. Kelnius is the title for captains, co-captians, and planetary commanders.

Warrant officers are referred to as Eccatus. Their roles are primarily for the training of Baeros, or the “new blood”. The Baeros are not allowed to enter space or any other form of field work until after successfully completing their training to the Eccatus' expectations. Baeros then move onto the Rinotos rank, and onto the Tarinos after at least five years of service. After another five years, the Tarinos are applicable to become either Eccatus or Kelnius if the Parliament permits it.

Ranks are normally recognizable by metallic symbols on Azorean clothing on the left breast. Common reference to those of higher rank is by their rank alone. When speaking to equal, lower, or no ranked personnel, their respective names are used. Azorean 'salutes' are actually simple nods, but nods are also for civilian greetings, so there is no difference there.

Common users of such ranks are military sources such as the Holy Warriors of Nimiss.

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