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Azorean Commonwealth Characters

An alphabetical list of player characters and important Non-Player Characters in the Azorean Commonwealth.

the follow page is current in the process of being review and is not for IC usuage


The Judges are the leaders of the Azorean Commonwealth. They include the Viceroy.

Kelnius (Officers)

The Kelnius are the officers including captains, co-captains, and planetary commanders.

Eccatus (Warrant Officers)

The Eccatus are the warrant officers.

Enlisted (Bareos, Rinotos, Tarinos)

The Bareos, Rinotos, Tarinos are the enlisted members. The Bareos is the rank(s) for “new blood”, followed by rank(s) of Rinotos and then the rank(s) of Tarinos.


These are other citizens of the Azorean Commonwealth.


These are currently unsorted characters. Hopefully they won't be unsorted for long….

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