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ACS Ameriss

Named after the first female windsurfer champion in Azorean history, the ACS Ameriss is the first Azorean starship to escape the homeworld. It is a Nimiss Scoutship that was launched in the universal year of YE 30. The crew's motto is simply We stand alone.

Ameriss in Roleplay

The ACS Ameriss is the first Azorean plotship. Its Game Master is Fay. If you wish to join this plot, please contact the Game Master for more information. Plot arc is suspended until further notice.

The Crew of the ACS Ameriss

Rymas Captain of the ACS Ameriss Player Fay; YIM: krusemh


Player Yoroko; YIM:

Available Positions

1 Co-Captain 1 Chief Engineer 3 Assistant Engineers 2 Comm Specialists 2 Pilots 1 Supply Specialist 1 Medical Specialist

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