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Hehi Potion


The Hehi Potion is an Azorean medical drug that was developed some time ago, before the Commonwealth was even formed, by herbalists in the Teles Citystate. Due to the lack of materials to create effective, long-lasting bandages, an alternate source was in dire need. A regenative reaction between the sap of local Kerius Kelp and the bacterial gel substance secreted by the scel in pearl creation was noted. It was researched upon for almost a century before the Hehi Potion was created by a herbalist named Rehehi when he added the reaction to purified water compressed into a .25×1 foot cylinder glass container with metal lids on both ends and shook it thoroughly. This serum was a key factor in winning the war against the heretics and was distributed to every single citystate soon after the Commonwealth was formed.


The liquid itself is light green in color with a spicy taste. The main source of treatment is using a detachable nozzle onto the original glass container for ingestion through the mouth, but it can also be injected directly into the bloodstream through a small needle after being extracted from the main container. The needle itself is a almost like an IV, where it connects to the container as well as the patient's arm. This creates a construct flow of the potion into the patient's body. If there is a small to moderate cut or burn on the victim, half of the potion should be drunk by the patient while the rest is poured onto the wound once the lid is popped off (possible with enough strength or pressure). It is recommended that the pouring should not be applied out in the open ocean unless the need is dire, since the potion would quickly be diluted. The mixture then gets to work, aiding the body's system by causing white blood cells and platelets to multiply themselves rapidly to fight off bacteria and viruses as well as acting as a sealant for both external and internal wounds.

Warning: Applying more then one dosage may cause hallucinations, vomiting, and/or leaking of fluids in the genital area! Please do not under any circumstances use more then one canister per patient!

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