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Emerging Protectors In Civilisation (EPiC) Group

“For those who can't protect themselves.”

The EPiC Group is a secretive band of professional soldiers who fight “For the Greater Good of All” and lead by a man known as the Elephant.


The EPiC group started as a joint venture in YE30 between seven disillusioned, jaded and retired IPG & SAINT veterans who were fed up with the political dogma and propaganda fed to them. After some talks, they suspended their differences and resolved to make something out of it. Something beneficial for all instead of one.

This lead them to initially present themselves as a band of mercenaries who were looking to form a greater alliance by recruiting smaller crews. The missions executed by each of the recruited crews were generally benevolent in intention, and were reasonably well paid for, causing few complaints amongst the recruited crews. They never revealed the details their former selves to those recruited, and insisted on being known by the recruits as heavily-armed beneficiaries who were well trained in their time. The organisation does not take any credit for the missions given, and instead gives all the credit to the crew, which gives the organisation a tiny profile on the public radar.

Recently, they've been scouting for new talent as tensions flare throughout the universe more than ever…


Underlying Policies

  • Racial and Political Discrimination amongst the soldiers and towards others is unprofessional, and will see you get fired.
  • Jobs and Missions submitted to us are reviewed thoroughly by our panel of ethicists. If the benefits of the outcome for the parties involved does not outweigh what the means entails, the job is turned down.
    • If the mission involves killing someone, it has to be strongly justified with evidence from the submitter.
    • Jobs submitted by Government Agencies (IPG, SAINT and the like) are usually turned down.
  • Be polite out on field, whether your target is Nepleslian, Yamataian, from the UOC, or something else entirely.
  • Do not mention our organisation in public. On the field, you represent yourself and yourself only.
  • Beware of missions operating in Yamataian Space. You can be arrested or fired upon under the Military Centralization Act of YE 28 if you slip up.

Joining E.P.i.C

If you go looking for them, they will not find you. One of the recruitment scouts will find you through searching through public news lines and databases. If the subject and their crew are deemed worthy, they are given an interview and an offer to join.

Important People

The Original 7

The founders of EPiC.

Code NameRolesRace/GenderEx-AgencyEst. AgeFaceDistinguishing Features
ElephantLeader, Administration, Recruit Scouting, EthicsNepleslian, MIPGLate 50'sBrown close-cropped hair, blue eyes, clean-shaven.Eyepatch on left eye, white streaks through hair, heavy drinker
LionAdministration, EthicsNepleslian, MIPGLate 40'sBald, red eyes, clean-shaven.Tattooed on arms, back and neck, numerous bullet scars, usually shirtless
SharkAdministration, TrainingYamataian, FSAINTEarly 30'sWhite hair, green eyes, pearl earrings.Eyeglasses, cold demeanour
EagleAccounting, QuartermasterYamataian, MSAINTMid 30'sBlonde messy hair, gold eyes, goatee.Impatient, insists on being called 'Sir'
SnakeRecruit Scouting (Nepleslia), TrainingNepleslian, MIPGLate 40'sBlack blade-2 shaved hair, brown eyes, mutton-chopsBlack skin, two gold teeth
ZebraRecruit Scouting (Yamatai), EthicsYamataian, MSAINTLate 20'sWhite long mane, blue eyes, Always smiling, chain smoker
KangarooRecruit Scouting (UOC), EthicsYamataian, FSAINTMid 30'sPurple long hair, orange eyes, gold earringsConcealed full body genetic tattoo, affable

Notable Recruited Crews/People

The Dragon Gang

A small gang hailing from the Yamatai-Nepleslia area. They were among the first crews to be recruited by EPiC.

NameGeneral Description
Nathan O'DonnelThe leader of the Dragons gang, loud mouth, brash appearance, and kickin' sideburns.
Harry McLeanThe Pilot of the ship. A considerate gentleman and courtier who dispises wearing eye gear, even if told for safety reasons.
Mia ShakerPerky Goth Gunslinger. She has some pain inside of her, and she would like to share it with you with her bullets.
Alan BensonThe dark-skinned sawbones of the gang and physician. Previously worked in a Nepleslian hospital before being commissioned to tag along.
Jerry MagooThe Dragons' long distance specialist and grenadier. He prefers to use grenades and explosives to get his job done.
Ugene BusterThe brains behind the heroes. If it is broken, he can fix it, and probably hack into it and break it, too.

Fernir's Five

A Pirate gang hailing from the UOC who were snatched up by Kangaroo and given an opportunity to turn over a new leaf.

NameGeneral Description
Fernir IngramThe blonde and blue-eyed, and bearded leader, with tiger-stripe tattoos up and down his arms, legs and back.
Albin VickersThe stoop-backed pilot. Feels at home in the pilot's seat, and has made a point of living there.
Harriet FosberyHeavy weapons expert. Will fill you with .50 holes if you insult her, or 30mm if she's feeling tired.
Maxwell ScottTech head, repair boy and playful hacker. Never far from any piece of technology, on or around him.
Sharon WebleyTeam doctor. She firmly believes in the fact that a needle does more good than harm.

The Valhardt Brothers

Two daredevil brothers hailing from Nepleslia, originally a pair of acrobatic vigilantes, now picked up by EPiC.

NameGeneral Description
Dexter “Dare” ValhardtDyed red hair, blue eyes, tan skin and usually seen in the latest street fashions, and a Lorath Hand Cannon.
Tyrel “Truth” ValhardtDyed blue hair, red eyes, pale skin and seen in skintight jester's clothes on the job. Fights with his fists.

The Pointmen!

A pair of top ranking policemen from Yamataian and Nepleslian space, respectively, who intercept pirate and slaver vessels.

NameGeneral Description
Garou NaramuraBlack hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin. A self-styled and overconfident Yamataian Ninja and infiltrator.
Theodore FordBlonde hair, brown eyes, muscular tanned skin. The muscle and firepower behind the team so far.

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