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Elefirn Power Armor

The Elefirn power armor is a combination of Kuvexian technology with the design inspiration from Elefirn themselves as a few select individual Elefirn played a minor role in the creation of it. Developed in YE 30 for the Elefirn specifically by the Kuvexians, it is a well-rounded medium armor.

About the Armor

The Elefirn power armor is made to be worn only by Elefirn. It is equipped with a neural scanning AI suite. Its main weapons are a forearm cannon and shoulder cannons, though it can equip handheld weapons. The weapons systems on the power armor are capable of dealing out damage and the shields systems are more than capable of taking significant damage, as well. Despite this, it is only barely comparable to many power armor currently utilized by space faring civilizations.

Medium Armor (5)


The power armor has chest plates that split down the middle, shoulder coverings, a torso cover that goes down to cover the groin in a V shape, hip coverings that come from either side of the torso cover, thigh and shin plates, as well as reinforced gloves that allow for the hands to form into hooves with ease. Every part of the body is covered once the helmet is in place and the Elefirn's long hair usually bushes out of the back of it, though it pressurizes around it.


  • Strong and suited to the ordeals of combat and long distance running, both of which the Elefirn themselves excel at.
  • Hardpoints can be utilized.
  • Array-based shields and strong shielding.


  • The armor isn't as durable as heavier armors.
  • Amplifying strength is not made capable with this power armor.
  • This armor lacks full cusomization and only has a few hardpoints.


  • Max STL in atmosphere: 150 kph (93 mph)
  • Max STL in space: 0.25c
  • Max FTL in space: 8c

Armor Size

Height 6 ft (72 inches)
Weight 100 pounds (45 kg)


Created for the Elefirn nearly a decade ago in the event of war that the Kuvexians may encounter, this power armor was made for the Elefirn to deal with heavy combat against power armored or non-power armored opponents.


The inside is made of a insulated series of barriers that protect against heat, radiation, and vacuum while keeping the pilot's atmosphere in the suit.

Getting In and Out

The power armor is stored on a rack and taken off as one piece, then put on in two pieces. The top that is a combination of the shoulder, chest, hip, and torso plates fits over the Elefirn's top half while the leg section is brought onto their lower half. The helmet is then placed on the head for complete armor.

Controlling the Armor

The armor is controlled via a neural interface and bodily conduct receptors. As the Elefirn moves their body, the suit moves with them. As the Elefirn thinks about their guns firing, the guns fire if permissible.


The systems of the armor are listed below.


The armor is composed of a super hardened and strong alloy construct called Leodar that is either flexible and rigid depending on what is necessitated at the time. Underneath that top layer of Leodar is a tough layer of another composite, this one is called Reoman that is an added layer of protection against bullets, blows, or the like.


The armor’s stealth systems are two fold, fool the naked eye and fool sensors.

The armor fools the naked eye by way of optical camouflage. Multiple holographic projectors across the suit project an image of what is behind it, thus creating the illusion that there is nothing there.

The suit is also designed to deflect radar, sonar, and IR waves. It is also able to somewhat mimic the background radiation of its enviroment.

Life Support

The suit has several built in features to make the occupant more comfortable over long deployments. These features include; a catheter which will “relieve” the occupant. A water bladder for the occupant to drink, climate control, etc.

The suit also has oxygen tanks and CO2 scrubbers for harsh environments. It also has an onboard trauma system, which will stabilize broken bones and create tourniquets around hemorrhages.

Power Systems

The power systems are an Aether Generator fielded by the Kuvexians and a series of thrusters.


The Elefirn power armor is controlled by an AI suite that performs a multitude of tasks, including HUD on the helmet, weapons systems, and internal controls.The AI can also interface with other Elefrin and Kuvekian technology.

Besides this, the AI communicates with the other suit AIs in it’s vicinity to share their sensor data and the status of the suit’s occupant.

Sensors and Communications

The armor can communicate via:

  • Subspace Radio (FTL)
  • Laser Beam
  • Voice, via microphone and loudspeaker
  • Conventional Radio

Its sensors include:

  • Optical tracking systems in the armor.
  • Two imaging arrays (1 forward, one behind)
  • Night vision
  • Thermal viewing
  • Ultra Wide Band RADAR

Main Weapons

The main weapons on board the Elefirn power armor are listed below.

(2): Shoulder Cannons

The shoulders of the Elefirn power armor have a salvo size of 5 every second and are shoulder-mounted.

Location: Shoulder
Purpose: Heavy Anti-Armor, Anti-Vehicle
Secondary: Indirect fire
Salvo Size: 2
Damage: T6, Kinetic Force

Range: 40 KM in Atmosphere, 4 Light Seconds in Space
Rate of Fire: 5 salvo every 1 Second
Area of Effect: 1 Meter 'Geyser'
Muzzle Velocity: Mach 6 in Atmosphere, .2c in Space
Ammunition: Unlimited

(2): Forearm Cannon

The forearm cannon is an important part of the Elefirn power armor. Location: Forearm
Purpose: Medium Anti-Armor, Anti-Mecha
Secondary: Anti-Shield
Damage: T5, Kinetic force
Range: 4.5 KM in Atmosphere, 22,500 KM in Space
Rate of Fire: 100 RPM
Area of Effect: 1 Meter 'Geyser'
Muzzle Velocity: Mach 6 in Atmosphere, .2c


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