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Elefirn Ships

The Elefirn have several ships at their disposal, as they are a space faring species.

More about Elefirn Ships

Elefirn ships are created as a joint program between the Kuvexians and the Elefirn. As the Elefirn have had space faring capabilities and tat is how they became entangled with the Kuvexians, they are somewhat capable to power and create ships on a very base level, but with the aid of the Kuvexians, they were able to produce ships that went fast and did damage that could take a beating, save for their shuttle, which does no damage. They are well tuned craft that are typically manned either solo or by a bridge crew and have power armor compliments.

Patrol Craft

The Lilta shuttle was designed with ease of transport in mind. It can hold ten to fifteen power armor inside, as well as the pilot. It is a small space craft, but medium size for a patrol craft, and has low offensive ratings while being made of a thick hull that can resist light damage.

Defensive Tier 8
Offensive Tier -
Speed .2
FTL drive 10,000c


The Elefirn fighter is capable of quick and fast jabs at their opponents and can dish out destruction easily and with potency. They were created with the idea of an agile but robust fighter and succeeded in being what the designer strived for.

Defensive Tier 10
Offensive Tier 10
Speed .3c
FTL drive 13,000c


The Elefirn gunship is a multi-role starship, made for conquest and deep space patrol. They have minimal point defense systems but instead house a main aether arrow at the dual nose of the ship. Typically they house shuttles and Elefirn Power Armor.

Defensive Tier 11
Offensive Tier 11
Speed .3c
FTL drive 13,500c


This cruiser can hold several other ships within it and travels with them as well as several power armor compliments. It is manned by a bridge crew but can be piloted by only one under dire circumstances. It is a sturdy ship that is capable of dealing out quite a bit of damage while sustaining some, too.

Defensive Tier 12
Offensive Tier 12
Speed .3c
FTL drive 13,500c

OOC Notes

Approved in this thread by Wes

DoGA models provided by Edto_Xar_Sivaree

Gunship by Banzz

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