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Psomi is the mass produced food which is the product of the Aferis project designed to deal with Elysian Celestial Empire's food supplies, not only rendering it self sufficient, to deal with chronic malnutrition amongst the Plebeian class and to ensure that in a future war the poor will never suffer in the same way from diverted supplies.

The basis of Psomi is that of a genetically engineered fungi designed to grow at great speed and when combined with a specialized binder to have a texture similar to that of malt loaf or steak (that being the slightly more expensive option) but more importantly in contains all of the nutrients to survive and in deed to prosper, with all of the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals the body needs - or more accurately exactly 1/3rd. This is so that it can be eaten three times a day. Something which isn't advertised quite so widely is that it also contains a potent nootropic which boosts the cognitive functions of the consumer, by increasing the brain's supply of neurochemicals and stimulating nerve growth. The Patrician routinely take more potent nootropic cocktails (often in the form of cocktails). Psomi is sold in 100g loafs and this is also the amount recommended to be eaten by an adult three times a day, smaller children sized loaves with specialized content is also available.

In order to make the meal more palatable (its base taste not being altogether pleasant) the Psomi is treated with a cocktail of pheromones which tell the brain what it tastes like. The scientists that monitor the Psomi in the Aferis project can this way make it taste like whatever they want - indeed it is possible to make it the most delicious thing ever created - however given that this is designed to be a food of the masses not of the elite it was decided to make it only really rather pleasant.

Cost: 100g Loaf: Approximately 1-2 KS

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