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Anthedon Power Armour

Elysia Novus Shipyards El-M1-1a Anthedon Power Armour Elysians had never fared particularly well with Power Armour, and with independence it was believed that one should be found that, if not rivalling the power the power of the Mindy, at least be a force to be reasoned with. With this in mind the twin projects of the Anthedon and the Eurotas where developed. The armour is entered, with some difficulty, through the cavity left by removing the chest piece. The Anthedon, like much of the after war Elysian technology, was kept extremely secret. They began considerable production, but information was guarded extremely jealously.

The Anthedon is designed to be piloted by a Arch-Angel Elysian.

About the Anthedon

The Anthedon is an imposing and graceful power armour, lacking sharp lines but consisting of flowing lines and curves. The wings of the Elysian fit into especially designed wing sheaves which are designed to amplify both the armours shields and propulsion.

The Anthedon specializes in high speed and agility, combined with considerable ranged assault to make up for its inferior melee skills relative to the Mindy, given the nature of its occupant. As such it has fairly heavy fire-power, a state of the art CDD system, combined with a sophisticated computer and shielding system.

Statistical Information: Government: Elysian Celestial Empire Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy Type: General Purpose Mecha Class: Anthedon and Model Number. Designer: Elysian Celestial Weapons Manufacturer: Elysia Novus Shipyards

Appearance: The Anthedon is a imposing and yet extremely graceful figure, the surface of the armour decorated with soft swirling lines. It is also somewhat more humanoid than the Mindy, with a more head shaped helmet.

Height: 8 feet.

Speeds: Speed STL: 0.315c (can boost to 0.63c for up to 60 seconds) Speed FTL: 1500c Speed Planetary: Mach 4. Speed (Underwater): 44 knots. Range: The Power Armour can supply the pilot with nutrients for up to a week. Lifespan: Ten years, considerably longer if serviced regularly.

Weapons Systems

Standard Handheld: Transphased Plasmatic Pulse Rifle

Forearm Pulse Weapon (2): This weapon fits in to the bulge of the Anthedon’s forearms, and fires a stream of high powered, high frequency, low wavelength electromagnetic pulses (x-ray/gamma ray bands). The effect has a very considerable effects on shielded targets, and the natural penetrating nature of high frequency photons mean it is very effective at passing through armour to damage the user inside.

  • Location: Built in to the forearms.
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-mecha.
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-fighter, anti-infantry.
  • Damage: MDR 2
  • Range: 600,000km, on a planet it has a more limited range, although the high frequency and low wavelength means that it still travels several hundred kilometres without great reduction of power.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited when correctly connected to the Power Armour.

Missile Launchers (2): The Anthedon has two missile-launchers built in to it, one on each shoulder, protected by a sliding armour plate when not in use. The primary missile fired is the powerful penetration micro-missiles. These 3cm by 3 cm by 30 cm missiles contain a shield modulation device within them which makes them highly efficient at penetrating through many varieties of shields. Each also contains a 50g anti-matter payload, equivalent to 500 kilotons of TNT.

  • Warhead: Penetration Micro-missiles.
  • Purpose: Penetrates shields, anti-mecha.
  • Damage: MDR 4
  • Range: 500,000 miles
  • Rate of Fire: Individual
  • Payload 10 Missiles each.

Systems Descriptions

Armour and Stealth Systems

Outer Armour: The outer armour of the Anthedon consists largely of plates of a super-hard ceramic, with a form of chain-mail mesh composed of the same material covering sliding plates over the joints of the armour. Underneath this is a layer of highly damage-resistant polymer creating an air-tight seal. Over this armour lies a specialised organic armour, highly damage resistant and with ablating properties. The true advantage of this organism, besides the ablating effect which takes much of the sting out of energy weapons, is that it regenerates quickly. From visual appearance it is extremely hard to discern that it is organic, looking like smooth white metal. The Anthedon is effectively immune to small arms fire, with good resistance to large mounted weapons and light starship weaponry. It does not fare well against larger starship weapons however, and very poor resistance against anti-matter. The helmet is not removable.

  • Armor Type: Medium
  • Structural Points: 8

Active Camouflage: Using a sophisticated set of Volumetric display projectors in combination with the 360 degree sensors equipped on the Anthedon the power armour is capable of putting the image on one side of the armour what is on the other side. The speed of the organic computer means that there is effectively no ‘drag’ in the image even if the armour is moving. The system can also be used to project other Volumetric displays around the armour, controlled by the pilot’s ‘minds eye’, which it turned in to a more complete image my a function of the organic computer. This allows the Anthedon to, from a visual basis at least, appear to be pretty much anything.

Energy Shield: The Anthedon, the power armour possesses a reasonably powerful generic energy shield, whose purpose is to protect the Anthedon from some attacks. It is powerful enough to nullify the effect of medium firearms fire and medium energy weapons, but will not survive an assault from significantly more powerful weapons. It’s purpose is really not to create a true barrier against these weapons, but to sap the energy from them in order to make them less damaging. It also serves the purpose of providing additional radiation protection.

  • Shield Points: 10 (Threshold 2)


The interior of the Anthedon is organic, soft and vaguely womb-like, but not slimy like the Mindy. Elysian scientists found that rather disgusting and the idea of a Arch-Angel being in a synthetic vagina didn’t bare thinking about. The organic innards mould themselves to the pilot, and provide excellent shock absorbency, and (combined with organic and synthetic muscles built elsewhere in the armour) provide greatly augmented strength to the piloted. The innards regenerate from damage quickly and efficiently. The organism also serves to protect the pilot from heat and radiation, vital both from surviving space travel and atmospheric re-entry (if the Anthedon’s shields have been disabled).

The Antheodon uses a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device or SQUID, which non-intrusively detects the brains electrical activity through detecting the minute magnetic fields. This specializes in detecting the Motor and speech areas of the brain, meaning that the suit can detect all the movements the brain wishes to make and act upon it far faster than the pilot would normally be able to. It also means that the pilot can ‘speak’ to the armour, with the armour effectively hearing the pilots thoughts and acting upon them. In addition to this it uses a telepathic system to interact between the pilot and the armour, effectively allowing for the pilot to control the armour as an extension of itself. In addition to this the armour telepathically inputs data in to the pilots brain, including the visual data from visual sensors, and creates the effect of a HUD in the pilots brain.

Life Support: The organic center of the Anthedon is also a sophisticated life support system, recycling oxygen and supplying the pilot with water and extremely high nutrient pellets. If it is one Arch-Angel's ‘personal’ armour, the Anthedon is often fitted with a special organ which grows the stem cells of that Patrician, meaning that it can heal the pilot’s wounds. The complexity of the organism means that the oxygen supply is recycled with virtually no loss, resulting in the pilot being able to ‘breathe’ for 28 days. An organ much like what we would know as a ‘Texas Catheter’, takes the pilots urine (if needed), and recycles it into the suits water reservoir for future drinking. That the urine is recycled is not actually usually known by the pilots, since it was deemed unlikely that the average arch-angel would like the idea of drinking his own urine, no matter how purified it was. This however, combined with the liquid that the suit comes with, does mean that the Anthedon can support the pilot for 28 days. Oxygen, pellets and water are all given to the pilot through an organic tube that fits in to their mouths, and oxygen is also supplied through the skin.

Control Systems: Correct manipulation of an Anthedon takes some training to become adept with, getting used to relying on SQUID to reinforce your movements, to get used to the increased speed and reaction time of the armour, and how the Armour sometimes acts by itself. The combination between the SQUID acting upon movements while they are still in your brain, telepathically telling the armour to act and the predictive system takes some time to get used to. The telepathic systems means that it does feel like an extension of the Elysian’s body however.

Conformal PSC Device: The Anthedon is equipped with a Psionic Signal Controller, which protects the user from psionics, nullifying said activity. In order to allow the pilot to make use of his own telepathy, as a form of communication, the device can allow certain ‘channels’ of telepathy to be clear so that secure communication can be ensured even during telepathic assault. Unlike the older Alpha-Delta Neutralizer, which would lead to detrimental psychological effects if kept active for an extended period of time, the PSC can remain activated indefinitely. The PSCs field envelops the entire Anthedon, but does not extend any further than two and a half inches off the armour, and thus avoiding the creation of a zone which can be detected.

Organic Computer: The computer for the Anthedon is that of a semi-autonomous, sub-sentient organism. This organism has extremely impressive processing speed and storage, and is very nearly sentient. It regulates all of the suits functions, takes care of all of the calculations needed, and helps aim the various weapons. It uses a trinary organic system, rather than the older binary system, DNA computing, but also relies upon some artificial elements of quantum computing.

Predictive System: This system is vital for the Anthedon’s survival against other armours and in mêlée. Effectively it predicts what the opponents next move will be using a number of parameters drawing of stance, last move and fighting style. It quickly ‘learns’ an opponents style. Upon predicting these moves it then uses this to help block and counter-attack, finding openings far easier than the pilot would. It then actually controls the Anthedon’s movements, blocking and attacking without the pilots direct control, given that the computer can think and act faster than the pilot can. Given the adaptive nature of this system, combined with the organic nature of its component, the more it is used the better it becomes given the more data it gathers. Thus an Anthedon which has been used a relatively large amount will likely defeat a new Anthedon in mêlée.


The Antheodon is equipped with an array of communication devices, the variety ensuring both security and versatility. These communication types include Radio, Laser and Subspace. These Communications can be secured using Quantum Encryption, utilizing Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (Or the equivalent in the SARP with the relevant name of whoever discovered it) to detect any attempts to monitor attempts and giving it the ability to counter them. Because of the lack of any system to talk in to inside the Anthedon, the computer instead reads the speech center of the brain using SQUID, or takes the thoughts of the pilot, and converts this in to a perfect simulacrum of the Pilot’s voice. The Communications Systems of the Anthedon are:

Radio: Full spectrum, dual-modulation. Although the range of the radio is theoretically unlimited, apart from absorbance and distortion by inter-stellar matter, its practical range is short given that it can only travel and light-speed and most military communication is required to be at least light hours, perhaps light years, apart. It is capable of both frequency-hopping and operating on multiple-channels. In order to secure the transmission, the correct set of code variable and equations must be loaded in to the armour prior to launch. These are changed at least every engagement.

Laser: For close-range transmissions, it is more difficult for the enemy to intercept, because they have to be in the area of the beam. Also limited to light-speed. Text only. Range: 200,000 miles (321,869 km).

Subspace: Allows faster-than-light transmission. A standard means of communication; it's used for video streams. The Anthedon’s innards are not appropriate for video feed, given that there is no light from the inside and that a camera would take up valuable space, so what is done instead is that either an image is created from the Pilot’s minds eye (usually an idealized version), or the suit has a pre-recorded image of the Pilot’s face which it can manipulate. Either way it is impossible to discern it is not an actual direct camera feed of the pilot’s face. The Anthedon’s CDD bubble is used as the transceiver for these communications.

External Audio: The Anthedon has an external microphone as well as a speaker to allow the pilot to communicate more easily with nearby persons. The Speakers go up to 158 Decibels, enough to cause extreme vibrations in surrounding Human’s and extreme nausea.

Sensor Systems

Main Visual Sensors: The majority of the visual sensors are located on the head of the Anthedon, including a high resolution optical sensor, capable of monitoring the entirety of the electro-magnetic band. The organic computer, by default, gives the pilot the image of the of the visible bands, often overlapping it with infrared data. The computer also records data in all other bands, including ultra-violet and micro-wave, but only notifies the pilot if there is something of note. The Anthedon has a gyroscopically-stabilized view of up to 250x magnification. There is a spotlight on the right hand side of the armour's head which helps at night or in dark environments.

Complete Optic Cover: Using the same sensors used for the Active Camouflage system, these provide the Anthedon with 720 degree coverage of its surroundings in all of electro-magnetic bands. While the Pilot can not take in all of this data, usually relying on the Main Visual Sensors, the Organic Computer constantly observes, and both alerts the pilot to anything of significance (the Pilot can be shown the date from these sensors), and factors it in to the Predictive defense System.

Tachyon Tracking System: Faster Than Light tracking system allows for precise targeting of targets that would normally be impossible to hit due to range and the limitations of standard sensory equipment. Range: 294,000 miles (473,177 km). This is a vital component of the Transphased Plasmatic Pulse Rifle, which requires accurate distance measurements in order to work at its full, devastating, efficiency.

Time-Modulated Ultra-Wide Band Radar: Signals transmitted by UWB radars are pulses generated pseudo-randomly. They are only 0.80 nanoseconds in duration. Since the energy of any frequency band is blow the noise the TM-UWB is highly covert. TM-UWB has no carrier frequency or conversion, and because of the low frequency content of TM-UWB signals, they are capable of seeing through foliage and non-metallic objects better than regular radar can. It is ideal for both atmospheric operations and operation in nebulae.

Quintessent Wave Differentialometer: This device gives the Anthedon’s organic computer a highly efficient sensor by calculating the shape, mass and velocity of objects by looking at the ripples the objects make in the seas of energy. The QWD has a range of 150 miles (241.40 km).

Fire Control: Connected with the Predictive defense System, the Anthedon’s Fire Control sub-section of the organic computer can track around 20,000 targets at any one time, and monitors them for both defense and offensive purposes, using all of the suits sensory in put to target sensitive areas of ships and armours, optimise its weapons power, range and frequency, guides the missiles and identify friendlies. If needed one more of the weapons systems can be assigned to the Fire Control system, which aims and fires them without any in-put of the pilot.

Other Systems

Combined Distortion Drive: The Anthedon uses a combined distortion drive. In effect, the CDD sustains a small “pocket universe” around the vessel by nesting electrogravitic and electrostatic fields. The combined field can serve a number of purposes, including propulsion, and stealth; for this reason, it is almost always on to some extent.

Propulsion: The armour propels itself at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions in the CDD and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. This allows the armour to travel thousands of times the speed of light. Distortion based systems allow the armour to stop or move nearly instantly because the armour has not “moved” in the traditional sense. For slower than light propulsion a Gravitic drive is used for its simplicity, effectively making the armour ‘fall’ at high speeds in what ever direction the Pilot wishes to go.

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