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Phoera Task Force

The Phoera Task Force is a battle group in the Tenth Standard Fleet commanded by Prefectii Domiel Hessios. It is classed as a skirmish group, and trains in harassment and hit-and-run tactics. The Phoera Task Force was also responsible for accepting the technological gift from the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 30, following the YSE/ECE Treaty of YE 30.


The Phoera Task Force consists of seven ships.


The Phoera Task Force features the following major personnel.

  • Prefectii Domiel Hessios, commander of the task force and captain of the ECS Antigone
  • Lokhagi Iiridel Maiala, captain of the ECS Achilles
  • Lokhagi Vizaral Kandos, captain of the ECS Demeter
  • Lokhagi Duriel Regala, captain of the ECS Barachiel
  • Duplicari Ziruel Arroz, captain of the ECS Spatha
  • Duplicari Raguel Andala, captain of the ECS Belial
  • Duplicari Aedalla Milan, captain of the ECS Vierna


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