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Elysian Religion

Of all the dimensions of Elysian life it is perhaps religion that is the most important, as their entire outlook on life, their entire culture is based to some degree around their worship of the 'Great Creator'. All Elysians are highly religious, an atheist would not be considered so much as a social outcast but someone who was clearly insane - indeed those few who are atheists do mostly get sent to an insane asylum where they are 'cured'. However this is a very rare event as within Elysian culture there simply is no reason to ever doubt the presence of a divine figure - his work is seen in everything around them.

Their faith is fiercely monotheistic, believing in a single great being who created the universe and everything in it. The core of their belief is that they believe that their Heavenly Father gave them custody of the universe, the duty (and right) to administer lesser races, to save them from their own decadent faiths and cultures. Indeed Elysians believe that only Elysians possess 'souls', other races may have an immortal essence but it is like comparing a candle to the sun. It is thus religion with is the basis of the Elysian belief in their own innate superiority, and their right to creation - as well as their occasionally apparently manic xenophobia.

As befitting a highly religious culture priests serve a vital purpose in society, being figures of awe - it is believed that the higher ranks speak with the authority of God himself. God is always considered as being male, though both males and females are perceived equal in the eyes of the church.

The houses of the God are the temples which are in all settlements of the empire - from house sized buildings with a lowly Parish Priest in a village to the colossal High Temple in Empyrean which is believed to house a portion of God himself.

With recent events in mind, the Elysian church is beginning to expand it's horizons slightly, working with the idea that it's much easier to be in charge of the universe if they all follow the same religion. This has brought about some changes issued from the higher-ups in the church stating that non-Elysians are no longer to be considered as far below Elysians in spirituality, but only misguided, and to be taught the error of their beliefs, not looked down upon for their lack thereof.

This is, however, a contentious point, especially among some of the older and more conservative members of the clergy, who feel that changing that portion of their beliefs is akin to changing the beliefs themselves, and should therefore not be undertaken, at the very least without much more discussion of the matter.

While this has not caused a divide in the church to date, it has caused a bit more bad blood then is usual among clergy members, and has caused more then one argument. The church splitting is not a part of the foreseeable future though.

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