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Aferis is a major agricultural project on Elysia Novus designed to compensate for the Plebeian's infamous malnutrition by providing them with a cheap and affordable source of food.


First commenced in AD MMMM (AD 4000/YE 29), the project - a shared effort using land and resources provided by several prominent Patrician families - is the construction and ongoing utilization of a series of vast underground caverns, each of which contains approximately 300,000,000,000 hydroponic tanks.


The caverns were each created through the use of S18 Seraphim; for maximum space efficiency, structural integrity, and - to some degree - covertness each cavern is buried at least 1 kilometer (roughly 0.6214 miles) into the planetary crust. Each cavern is on average 30 kilometers (roughly 18.6411 miles) long, 20 kilometers (12.4274 miles) wide, and 500 meters (roughly 546.807 yards) high. Every cavern's structural integrity is kept stable via a multiply-redundant system, utilizing multiple Elysium girders, graviton generators, weight-bearing grid networks, and forcefield generators, ensuring that it will not collapse, regardless of what external forces or conditions may exist.


Within each cavern are huge rows of 500-meter-tall (546.807-yard-tall) towers comprising of the aforementioned hydroponic tanks and the equipment needed to monitor and feed them; running in between each tower is the veritable maze of ladders, lifts, and platforms required to access each tank. The tanks themselves are usually managed by an S18 workforce, with Plebeians managing work that requires more intellect and Patrician specialists dealing with difficulties; each tank measures one cubic meter (35.3147 cubic feet) in size and can produce 500 kilograms (1,102.31 pounds) of Psomi every 72 hours.

As of AD MMMMX (AD 4010/YE 39), there are three Aferis caverns operational on Elysia Novus, all of which produce near Empyrean.

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