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El-M2-3a Standard Service Rifle

The Elysian Celestial Navy El-M2-3a Standard Service Rifle's purpose is simple: to give soldiers a weapon that does not have the potential overpenetration rate of the Transphased Plasmatic Pulse Rifle, but retained a solid amount of punch when used against enemy armor systems.

  • Purpose: Anti-personnel, anti-armor.
  • Damage: Medium. Tier 5 or Tier 6, Medium Anti-Armor or Heavy Anti-Armor (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which).
  • Range: Up to 4,000 meters (max 13,000 m in atmosphere).
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-auto, 3 round burst, or full auto at 600 rounds/min.
  • Payload 40 round magazine (or 100 round extended magazine). Rounds may be ball (common), hollow-point (less common), armor piercing (less common), tracers, or dummy rounds for training.

The 3a model of the SSR, shown here with safety engaged and holographic sight flipped down.

Detailed Information

El-M2-3a Standard Service Rifle Designer/Manufacturer: Elysian Celestial Navy

Nomenclature Information

Type: Rail gun fired from the shoulder.

Model: El-M2-3a (ver. 1) Comes with a standard heat ventilation system, and a basic single slide holographic scope, relying on the armor's standard aim assistance systems to aim. El-M2-3b (ver. 2) Comes with an extended barrel system, slightly reduced heat sink systems, and an included variable zoom scope, meant for marksman use in the field when designated arksman platiforms or true dedicated sniper rifles are unavailable.

Role: The Standard Service Rifle (SSR) was designed to eventually replace the Transphased Plasmatic Pulse Rifle as the baseline weapon for Elysian Power Armor forces.

Length: 3a is about 80 cm long, 110cm including stock. 3b is about 95 cm long, 125cm with stock. Mass: 3a weighs about 28 kg empty, 34 kg loaded; 3b weighs about 31 kg empty, 37kg loaded.

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: Magnetically propelled armor piercing rounds.

Note: Battery powering the weapon can be found directly in front of the magazine port. The power supply contains approximately enough energy to enable the firing of approximately 3500 rounds on a single battery, and takes approximately 5 minutes to recharge fully if connected to a sufficient power source.

Caliber: 7.89x87mm boat-tail tapered armor piercing ball rounds.

Effective Range 4,300m for 3a; 6,700m for 3b.

Maximum Range: 9,600m for 3a; 24,000m for 3b.

Muzzle Velocity:

  • 3a: 1,700 m/s on anti-personnel configuration; up to 5,900 m/s on anti-armor/mecha configuration.
  • 3b: 1,620 m/s on anti-personnel configuration; up to 5,740 m/s on anti-armor/mecha configuration.

Muzzle Blast: A mid-sized cone of white light.

Firing Mode(s): 3a is semi-auto, three-round burst and full auto at 600 rounds/min. 3b is semi-automatic or 3 round burst only.

Recoil: Heavy. Unarmored foot infantry would barely be able to manage firing single shots on the lowest settings, and not for any length of time. Mid-range kick for a soldier in Hikael or Anthedon Power Armor.

Ammo: 40 rounds per magazine (extended magazines containing 100 rounds are available).

Weapon Mechanisms

Safeties: Located on the upper portion of the grip. Pushes through to stick out on one side or another of the grip, left side extended is fire mode.

Fire mode selectors: Controlled by direct connection to armor computer system, defaults to 3-round burst firing mode minus other input.

Attachment hard points: The standard Dresde Under-Slung Grenade Launcher can be attached in an underslung position on the rifle, in front of the battery and magazine ports.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: Weapon requires no major cleaning, as no chemicals are produced. The battery under the barrel can be removed by undoing two hidden snaps on the front and back of it, but other than that, there's little else that can be repaired without a workbench. Barrels can be switched if necessary. The magnetic pulse generator's rear end is easily accessed, but requires delicate handling to avoid damaging the systems, as do the heat ventilation systems located on the upper forward region of the rifle.

Replaceable Parts and components: All parts for both versions of the rifle are replaceable, but almost all require a full set of tools and steady workbench to replace safely.

OOC Notes

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