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Xiphos Infantry Blades

Though Elysian warfare has grown to be a very advanced thing, swordplay has continued to hold a place in it. Much like Yamatai's use of the katana for traditional reasons, Elysians have maintained training in a variety of melee weapons, including many sorts of spears and blades. Discussed below, the Xiphos is the “last resort” weapon of an Elysian infantrymen, a blade of length varying depending on a number of factors.

All Xiphos share common traits in regard to construction. Ranging from 40 centimeters to 100 centimeters, the blades are constructed of ultrahard fullerite, with a hilt and handguard braced in tantalum carbide to provide extra weight and leverage. The edges are usually not monomolecular except in the cases of models given to officers, however, Plebeian soldiers with a bit of spare wealth may sometimes acquire weapons with a monomolecular edge. In all cases, the flat edges of the blade are marked by hollow grooves over some three fourths of the length, cutting down on the actual weight and improving effective balance. For Patrician, a second model of each exists - a heavier weapon with an Iridium core.

The first and most common sort of Xiphos, the Peltast Xiphos, is the standard blade issued to infantry. It is 45 centimetres in length, counting a 12 centimetre hilt. The shape of the blade is 10 cm across at the widest point and leaf-like, extending in gentle curves outward from the hilt and meeting in a point at an 80 degree angle. The combination of two curved edges and an effective thrusting point make the peltast xiphos an extremely versatile melee weapon, useful for slashing and stabbing both. The ultrahard fullerite construction and curved edge render it capable of slicing through diamond with minimal force, making it a very effective tool. It weighs 1 kilogram. The Patrician version weighs 2.5 kilograms.

The second Xiphos, wielded by shock troops and some officers, is called the Makhaira Xiphos. It is heavier and longer than the Peltast Xiphos, and built in a different shape. Measuring 65 centimetres from pommel to edge, with a 15 centimetre hilt, the makhaira xiphos has a single edge, curved gently to a sharp point, its appearance about the same shape as one side of a peltast xiphos. The blunt edge of the makhaira xiphos is made of a tantalum carbide brace to add extra weight to the weapon, which is primarily used for slicing. From the widest point, the blade is 12 centimetres wide, with a fourth of this made of tantalum carbide. The combination of a heavier weight, the construction materials, and the curved edge makes it an ideal tool for cutting, significantly more capable than the already impressive peltast xiphos. The makhaira xiphos weighs 1.6 kilograms. The Patrician version weighs 4 kilograms.

The last and least commonly used, the Hippeis Xiphos is primarily wielded by officers. Long, light and double-edged, the hippeis xiphos would find more use as a fencing weapon than as a direct implement of warfare, but in trained hands it proves deadly even in situations it isn't so well suited for. The classical Elysian 'broad sword', it measures from 95 to 115 centimetres in length, with the hilt averaging at 18 centimetres. The blade measures 7 centimetres across through most of its length, being slightly wider (9 centimetres) at the hilt, and tapering down to a razor point at the end. Unlike other Xiphos, the hippeis xiphos is almost always monomolecular, being a weapon given to Patrician officers. Anything less is often considered a thinly veiled insult. Though its flexibility and length make it an excellent weapon for the thrust-and-parry methods of fencing, it lacks the weight to be as effective a cutting weapon as other xiphos. Still, due to the monomolecular edge, it maintains itself as a useful tool in that regard as well. The hippeis xiphos varies somewhat in weight, but averages at about 750 grams. Though both are intended for Patricians, there is a heavier model which weighs 2 kilograms.

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