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Malaisian Enforcers

The enforcers are a militant group formed and organized by the current Malaise senator, drake_regnier. Their task is to ensure the privacy of the system's contractors and to take care of sensitive information along with any mishaps caused by their businesses. They also are tasked with keeping tabs on their neighbors and the Nepleslian government, making sure their secrets are not threatened. Their existence is officially denied.


There tends to be no 'standard' among the enforcers, as each member makes their own choice and will usually modify their possessions quite extensively. For power armors, they tend to be modded Aggressor Heavy Assault Armors and NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – β€œHostile”s, normally acquired through the black market or otherwise taken from the military factories in the system. Infantry weapons and armor largely depends on the individual and their preferences. This tends to give the teams a rather 'disorganized rabble' appearance, but all enforcers know how to use their equipment efficiently and how to use them together in a group.


As enforcers can come from nearly any species that can be plied or blackmailed into service, Enforcers are taught to be normally silent and efficient. This has given them a reputation as mafia-esque and a little thuggish, even outside of their system. How they behave off duty is their business, although they themselves are also watched so as to make sure they do not betray their employer.


Typically, enforcers are split into cells, containing usually between 4-6 members, with their leaders reporting in to a Lieutenant who coordinates them. These in turn report directly to Regnier's second in command. Enforcers tasked with spying work alone, and all report to a single captain who organizes the gathered information.

Known Enforcers

Lt. Zahren Oni: 1)

  • Race: Nepleslian
  • Age/demeanor: Age is in his upper thirties (He doesn't tell people.) and his attitude is almost like a mercenary. Cold, but dutiful. He rarely involves himself socially so his mindset rarely goes beyond his work.
  • Physical Characteristics: Of average height and a deceptively light looking frame. He has short grayish hair (Despite his actual age.) and one brownish eye. He has a cybernetic arm that doubles as a weapon with the fingers of said arm having been sharpened into claws. He has a cybernetic eye (Right eye) that emits a faint purplish glow. It has the basic night vision installed on it but not much else.

*Cpl. Amelia Weynolt

I'll make a page for him soon, but for now, his 'Street Life' listing will have to do.

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