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Automanufactory Module

β€œIndependence isn't only freedom from the bonds of servitude. It is also freedom from the bonds of reliance on others.” – Freespacer Proverb

This vessel carries a traditional Freespacer variable-configuration assembly bay, capable of producing anything from fighter craft to toys. Like most equivalent modules, this system is fully automated by the shipboard SI construct.


An off-shoot of the main room contains the Automata charging outlets and workshops, which is actually little else than a wall lined with cable sockets and spools of cable. A semi-permanent feature of this room is the overwhelming number of Automata and machinery various states of (dis)assembly. From the roof of the room hang an array of robotic arms, which are capable of performing a limited number of autonomous tasks when operated by SI controllers, along with several cluttered work benches for tasks that may require them. This room also contains a Grinder system.

Factory Floor

A service elevator is available from the main room to the two decks below it. However, this section is generally kept off-limits as it contains little else than the deafening hum of machinery, darkness, and a shifting nexus of machinery. There is virtually no walking space here so that assembly lines can be as efficient as possible. Other than the parts and equipment hopper beside the elevator entrance, there is little else to see unless one is willing to risk a venture into the shifting maze of machinery.

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