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“Devil’s Doorbell” Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher

Relatively simple explosive rocket devices, generally crafted on-site by Freespacers without the facilities to build, salvage or steal more substantial weaponry. The prolific use of radioactive materials in spacer hardware actually makes such a weapon surprisingly powerful despite just being an age old rocket-and-tube design, yet their unstable and scratchbuilt nature does nothing to improve the reliability of what is already a one-shot throw-away weapon.

The original design actually comes from instructions contained within The Art of Never Again, but even if someone actually remembered who created the original design, it’s extremely rare that any two weapons will perfectly match each other anyways.

Being a weapon that is destined to be used in last stands, there are basically only two uses for it; Firing one off to shock an enemy into submission before running away, or hammering an enemy power armor at point blank in a surprise attack. Sometimes junkers and large Automata equip the weapon in clusters of four or six, dramatically increasing their firepower for a low cost; But the trade-off is an extreme lack of safety measures that properly sentient machines would unlikely tolerate. For one, the weapon is particularly forward heavy and care must be taken not to be caught in one's own blast radius. It's also not a great idea to drop it, and the exhaust plume can cause vacuum damage indoors… Which spacers almost always are.1)

The standard infantry-portable model simply looks like a drainage pipe with a pistol grip and a stubby cone sticking out of the end, about as generic as one can get.

Larger automata 'cluster box' models, like those carried by the Junkmaster, are rapid fire, but generally too unwieldy for users on foot.

General Information

  • Max. Range In Atmosphere: 500 Meters
  • Rate of Fire: Single Shot
  • Recoil: Light 2)
  • Targeting: Manual Iron Sights
  • Fuel Variants: Aluminium Oxide, Liquid Nitrogen or Ammonia

Payload Variants

“Bad Touch” High Explosive Uranium Fragmentation

Purpose; Tier 3 Heavy Anti-Personnel

Creates a big, loud, messy, ten foot explosive plume that sprays radioactive shrapnel everywhere. Overall, it’s basically the standard mutli-use weapon, if only because it has a lot of bang for it’s buck, and can be fabricated from spacer’s regular RTGs at a short notice. Needless to say it’s not fun to be on the receiving end of, even in power armor.

  • Freemarket Cost: 70 DA / 35 KS

“Lights Out” Chaff Flare

Purpose; Tier 0 Non-Lethal

Rather a situational weapon, this basically just releases a pressurized cloud of electrified metallic particles upon the struck target area. This temporarily prevents radio systems from functioning, blinds sensor systems, and burns out exposed electronics. A weapon for pacifists who don’t want to cause unnecessary hurt most of the time, but it also has it’s uses in subterfuge and catching high-tech enemies off guard.

  • Freemarket Cost: 40 DA / 20 KS

“Go to Bed” Fast-Dry Plastic Capsule

Purpose; Tier 0 Non-Lethal

Even less lethal than the chaff, this is a weapon specifically developed to slow enemy progress beyond anything else. The molten plastic gel splatters all over the target before rapidly drying solid like concrete, preventing the enemy from moving and clogging up vision slits. Potassium carbonate fire extinguishers, the kind used on chemical fires, are the most readily available substance that can remove it. Nobody is really sure if this was an intentional safety feature on the part of the original designer or not.

  • Freemarket Cost: 30 DA / 15 KS

OOC Notes

Primitive Polygon created this article on 2017/10/21 14:16.

Wearing a voidsuit if you are not an automata is basically the only way to avoid destroying your own lungs and eardrums.
As with all rocket weapons.

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