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Fierce Resistance Waypoint

This waypoint possesses only two gateways, between which is situated a massive star fortress that appears to be the remnants of a Mothership-class vessel.

Never Again Starfortress

A star fortress built from a Mothership hulk. Based on the twisted mainframe and burn marks which terminate where its other half should be, one can reason that this Mothership was blown clear in half, likely one of the vessels that met such a fate during the Freespacer Massacre and Related Battles. The front section appears to have been disassembled, brought through the gate, and reassembled here, and then heavily modified by adding mountains of armor plating and turret towers.

This vessel does appear to have some maneuvering thrusters remaining at various points in the hull, but should produce no where near enough thrust to accelerate beyond a crawl.

Its military purpose aside, it is also infrequently used as a memorial: the ID codes of a deceased Freespacer are scrawled on each armor panel. To the pacifists, it is a place to mourn. To the militants, it is to remind their brethren about the atrocities of the genocide.

Resident AI: Sentinel

โ€œOur anger keeps us alive.โ€

Sentinel is normally quiet, but when it does speak it tends to be cynical and pessimistic to the extreme. It has a personal vendetta against Bulwark, which it will gladly pursue until either Yamatai or itself meets its demise. For this particular reason it was placed into the role of a defensive fortress where its reckless hatred for the YSE would not endanger Yamataian civilians.

One of the only pure combat AI that does not serve either an industrial or research role. Has no significant industrial capacity to speak of other than basic manufactory facilities for self-maintenance and ammunition production. Instead, receives a minor tariff from all other Resident AIs within the Blue Rift Expanse to help pay for upkeep.

Based in the Fierce Resistance system, integrated into the Never Again Starfortress control system.


Bulwark was one of the few ship AI that saw combat during Freespacer Massacre and Related Battles and survived. It was initially deployed by The Guild of Cyberempathy to aid in suppressing crime syndicate activity on Halna as a ship-controller AI. Its command vessel was incapacitated in the initial strike, losing its reactor and several processing nodes. In the hours before its reserve batteries were depleted, it watched the events of the genocide unfold. In the aftermath its core was recovered and repaired.

The fact it has witnessed the entire genocide at Halna meant that it had gleaned considerable knowledge of Yamataian ships and tactics, making it a valuable asset as a military AI, despite signs of considerable core corruption. Thus after undergoing core repairs it was pressed back into service.

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