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Freespacer Languages

Through it is very common for Freespacers to speak fluent Trade or even Yamataigo due to the abilities of their mindware, the long period of isolation they spent from the rest of the civilized universe resulted in several unique languages. Most are no longer as popular as they once were, but Freefolk and Six Cog are still used by many traditionalists and cyborg-heavy colonies and fleets respectively.



Best described as a gaelic-esk tongue rife with chatspeak and memetic syntax. The chipper and drawling tone can be quite difficult for foreigners to pin down, not least because of the highly integrated use of humorous rhyming slang. It's very much built to be spoken very quickly and in a continuous fluid fashion, keeping up with typical 'spacer hyperactivity. Loan words are common, through they often mutate upon exposure the polysentience, used for all sorts of strange and non-sequitur gags which freespacers consider just as valid as 'proper' language.

Nobody really has any idea of the origin because of this, and it's likely that they would have great difficulty communicating even with their direct Deoradh ancestors.

See also; Freespacer Terminology

Six Cog

Literally 'Six bit cognition', this machine language was created to use as little memory as possible, only six bits per letter or number. Because of it's extreme simplicity, it can be read by machines even with poor camera resolution, or at great ranges. It requires augmented vocal cords to speak audibly, however, and comes out sounding like primitive floppy drive loading sounds.

Contrastingly, some communities with a large percentage of cyborgs actually have trouble learning normal spoken languages in turn, because Six-Cog is so fast and condensed that native speakers tend to grow up with underdeveloped language centers in their brain as an unfortunate side effect.

OOC Notes

Primitive Polygon created this article on 2016/12/23 15:59.

*Note that C are the same as Ks, Is the same as Ys, and Xs the same as Zs. There are no separate, unique letters for these in the natural spacer tongue.

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