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Inertialess Drive

In place of traditional propulsion system is an inertialess drive, which is essentially a souped-up model of the combined inertial dampener and artificial gravity systems used inside most starships. The device generates an antigravity field that reduces the the effective mass of a starship, allowing for very high acceleration and maneuvering with little energy โ€“ and without all that mucking about with structural integrity forcefields and highly complex propulsion systems. By manipulating the gravity/antigravity functions the device can also be used as a gravitic engine in order to propel the ship.

Starships only :

This device may also double as a FTL engine; the ship propels itself at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. This allows the ship to travel many times the speed of light. Distortion-based systems allow the ship to stop or move nearly instantly because the ship has not โ€œmoved.โ€

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